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    Taj Mahal Controversy : Unexpressed Meaning

    Since Yogi Adityanath, a Mahant-turned-politician,took power in UP, the BJP government made the Taj Mahal an issue. The controversy started with his statement that the Taj Mahal is not a part of "Bhartiya Sanskriti". Then the Taj Mahal was dropped from the tourism booklet of the UP government. When there was wide spread opposition to this act of the UP govt., the CM is planning to visit Taj at Agra and even the govt. planning to give space to Taj Mahal in future tourism calendar.

    In the mean while a controversial BJP MLA Sangeet Som said that Taj Mahal is a blot on Indian culture. Sangeet Som, an accused of instigating riots in Muzaffar Nagar in 2013 that left over 60 dead and tens of thousands displaced. He is infamous for hate speeches and cow vigilantism. A not much educated MLA who had been ex director of a beef exporting company as per news reports, is calling Mughal emperors Babur, Akbar "traitors" and said their names would be removed from pages of history and he dared to say that history would be changed.

    Now, seeing sharp reaction to what he said, he gave irrelevant clarification and BJP has distanced from the statements. Even though some BJP leaders are calling Taj Mahal a Shiv Mandir.
    All these statements are made and Deepawali celebrations are being done in spite of the fact that the children are being dying in the home city of the CM, no employments are being generated, farmers are committing suicides.

    To my mind whatever happening in UP is to polarise the voters in the name of Hindu-Muslim divide by uttering against Mughal monuments and glorifying Ayodhya and other places of Hindu sentiments. Riding on the sentiments is very easy than creating jobs and moping tears of farmers and providing quality health services in the state. This might be a testing of sentimental attachment of the to these issues as a preparation of 2019 general elections.

    Let it be any thing but I am concerned with the rise of fundamentalists to the level that the Mahants, Sadhus and Sanyasis becoming MPs and CM ( constitutional posts) by taking oath in the name of constitution. They are mocking the very tenet of secularism of the constitution.

    Please Opine.
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    Being a common Indian we should read between the lines of the timing and statements of politicians. Religion and politics should be separate but unfortunately, it goes hand in hand. History around the world is littered with examples wherein religion mixes with politics and the common man always have always paid a heavy price which is the lives of himself, his family, his home and his livelihood.

    I hope we Indians realise and not fall into the trap, only when we can live peacefully among each other, we all can survive and we should never forget that politicians are not forever, they keep changing leaving the burden of their ambitions with the common man (Hindu, Muslim, Christian and other faiths) like a noose around our necks.

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    I feel this is an unnecessary controversy raised by BJP. Taj Mahal is no doubt a good construction and attracts a lot of tourists and it was one of the seven wonders of the world. After so many years of construction why unnecessary comments, which are not going to cover the injustice done in this country to a particular religion. If really governments want to do something which uplifts the hidden history of the country, they can do it silently. Instead of that unnecessary comments are bringing loss to the party. It is no way helping the government to raise its popularity. In addition to Tajmahal, if the government wants to popularise any other monuments, let them do it and renovate them and see that more tourists will visit. That is a better approach than this. Anyhow it is a known fact that in India even for road widening even the small places of worship of particular religion can't be moved whereas the other religious places can be moved overnight, there is no way nobody can do anything to that gigantic monument. Then why waste talking. The people in higher positions should be careful about these type of issues.
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    It is very unfortunate to see things in the light of caste and religion. A thing of beauty is to be appreciated irrespective of its creator. Taj Mahal has been accepted years back as a wonder of the world. Lakhs of people visit it every year. Most of the dignitaries from different parts of the world make it a point to visit Taj while they are in India.
    If it is religious reasons that invites this attitude what about Kuthab Minar, Red Fort etc. ? India's image is built on the co-existence of all thoughts and ideologies. "Unity in diversity".

    Gold Member ISC

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    Once in the UK someone asked: "You are from India? From the land of Taj Mahal". Does our country have only one architectural wonder? What about Sanchi stupa?What about Humpi? What about Thrirumala Tirupathi temple? How much did the ASI spend on these monuments compared to Taj Mahal? The uncomfortable question will be asked.

    "Even though some BJP leaders are calling Taj Mahal a Shiv Mandir."-Even after years of ridicule, mockery, contempt by the marxist (small m) historians and short-sighted political leaders, common educated people are now reading and analysing the historical and archaeological evidences mentioned by PN Oak.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Inside the Taj Mahal , a Shiv Mandir, no way. This is one more way to capitalize the votes BJP got in UP and the Yogi government wants to prove that it is more pro Hindu than anything else. His every step is showing more leaning towards Hinduism and hatred towards Muslims. By raking up Taj Mahal issue, unnecessary controversy has been instigated now and that would be food for thought to scores of news channels in the days to come. Taj is the International monument and let us give the pride it has for the tourist and other lovers as the passion place to express their love and liking to their partner. We should not disturb that tranquility.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In November 2015, the Government submitted to the court that Tajmahal is a tomb but not a temple as claimed by some people. On 17-08-2017, Archeological Survey of India declared that Tajmahal is a Muslim Tomb.

    Any foreigner recognises India as the land of Tajmahal. It stands tall among many of the structures in India with its beauty and elegance. Tajmahal came to be recognised as a symbol of eternal love. A person whose heart is filled with love can enjoy the beauty of Tajmahal.India should be proud that such a wonderful piece of Architecture is built in our country.

    The saffron historians are trying to distort history. They claim that Tajmahal is a Shiva temple. What a senseless claim? I do not know what they are going to claim next. These questions are raised by persons who feel uncomfortable about the worldwide recognition of Tajmahal.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    "Tajmahal came to be recognised as a symbol of eternal love. "

    1. Mamtaj was the fourth queen of Shahjahan (out of total seven).
    2. She was forcibly taken by Shahjahan by killing her husband.
    3. She died due to severe anaemia while giving birth to Shahjahan's fourteenth (or is it seventeenth?) child.
    4. After her death, Shahjahan married her sister.

    And Taj Mahal is the symbol of eternal love!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Re #612232
    #1 – having multiple wives was not unusual in the days of kings of the past. Almost all people of power would have had others besides the official wife. Women were considered as an object of trade; not human with nearly equal rights as is supposed to be today. King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 mistresses. It probably helped to expand his kingdom and also be at peace with neighboring countries as he married off their princesses.
    #2 – this also is nothing new. A ruler would tend to get what he wants by whatever means possible. Similar things happen today also, and we don't always hear about it.
    #3 – having large families was the norm. Not sure if they followed family planning measures.
    #4 – this is not an unusual format. They had different sets of traditions they followed. If a husband died, then his next younger brother would 'inherit' the wife. Perhaps this Hebrew tradition was adapted upon the death of the wife.

    We can't unbuild the Taj Mahal.

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    # 612232:
    1. There was no prohibition of polygamy in Islam. They are free to marry as many as they want. In ancient India also there is no restriction on polygamy. Many Indian Kings had more than one wife. Shahjahan had many wives and a harem with many Hindu women. There are incidents of Hindu men converting to Islam for the sake of having another wife.
    2. In those days it was a tactic adopted by them. Whenever they won a war and killed the opponent, they used to take away the wives of the killed. It served them two purposes, wealth and alliance.
    3. Large families are common in India some 80 years back. There was no family planning then. Shahjahan may be having other wives but he is very fond of Mumtaj and spent all his time with her only. Gandhari had 101 children. Zione Chana of Tripura is having 39 wives, 94 children, 33 grandchildren now. He is ready to marry again. Having a big family was not an issue in those days. The medical facilities were medieval and childbirth is another life to women.
    4.Mumtaz herself took a promise from Shahjahan to marry after her death. She wanted a place where herself and Shahjahan were cremated side by side.

    Shahjahan fulfilled the wishes of his beloved wife and built Tajmahal. Tajmahal always remains an eternal symbol of love.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I don't think I am knowledgable enough to jump into this debate of intellectuals but I would like to join because I can see that only one is going against this thread and rest are opposing him like the one in the case of Subrmanyam Swami vs 50 lawyers from opposition over the case of Ram Mandir.

    I strongly condemn the use of word secularism in this thread. I have observed that often to criticize majority of this country some liberal intellectuals often use the word 'secularism'. Please keep one thing in mind that India is a secular country because Hindus are secular here. Hindus have been imposed with the contract of being secular.

    #612225 Sir, you heard right, Taj Mahal was a shiv mandir which has been transformed into a tomb like several other monuments and temples across this country. And for your kind information I would like to tell you that a case is on going over this issue in the Supreme court. The water droplet that falls on the tomb of Mumtaj Mahal which is claimed to be the tears of Mumtaj was actually the water droplets which used to be fall on the 'Shivling'.

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    The argument that Taj Mahal was once upon a time a Shiva temple is not supported by historical facts and there is no evidence to that effect. Even the Union Culture Minister has stated that there is no proof for such claims and that the central government will take the same stand in the pending court case in the issue. The claim by a few, who are basically known to be radicals, has not been accepted or supported by even the known BJP leaders. Even the sadhu turned Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh who recently created the comedy scene with models turned Ram, Lakshman and Sita arriving by a helicopter in Ayodha and also anointing Ram as the king of Ayodhya, has opted to put in the picture of Taj Mahal in the government calendar for 2018.

    It is actually a needlessly created controversy. Taj Mahal is the most famous structure in India and has always been considered to be a pride of our country. By trying to create controversies we are hitting at our own culture and tradition which is unwarranted and has been rightly understood by the top brass of the BJP.

    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    Let there be a shivling and as history let it be that Shah Jahan built a tomb over it. Let Shah Jahan have killed her husband in marrying her. The point is what is the use of this?
    Taj Mahal stands as a symbol of Mughal Architecture. Be it Ayodhya or Agra or some temples in Tamil Nadu which were created out of Jain shrines we cannot change history. Let the struxtures be as it.
    If Shah Jahan or any other emporer has destroyed any previous existing structure in creating a new Structure then let be it.
    We cannot use present Ideals to measure scales of Past.
    We must be proud of our Mughal rule as like any other rule. Mughals stood for Secularism and have been Secular to maximum extent comparative to what is Secular of those times.
    I am a Hindu and have visited the tomb, Red fort. when I go there the view of River Yamuna gives a good sight (long back).
    As I always believe Irrespective of who ruled India has always been secular society and polity.

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    1. "The argument that Taj Mahal was once upon a time a Shiva temple is not supported by historical facts and there is no evidence to that effect."-The photographic evidences tell a different story. Let us read Stephen Knapp. Link:

    2. "By trying to create controversies we are hitting at our own culture and tradition which is unwarranted and has been rightly understood by the top brass of the BJP."-Are those BJP leaders experts of History and Archaeology?

    3. Mr. Gaurav has rightly said. It is not the sole responsibility of Hindus to protect secularism in our country. Other communities including liberals have equal responsibility, if not more. And those responsibilities can't be fulfilled by ridiculing the custom of Hinduism.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    'Even the sadhu turned Chief Minister of Gujarat who recently created the comedy scene with models turned Ram, Lakshman and Sita arriving by a helicopter in Ayodha and also anointing Ram as the king of Ayodhya.'

    #612282 Sir, you are again trying to prove yourself a "Secular" by making mockery of Deepawali fest held at Ayodhya. If you would have ever read Ramayana then it is clearly written there that Lord Rama had arrived Ayodhya through 'Pushpakviman' which was a kind of chartered plane at that time. If men or models are presenting themselves as Rama, Lakshman or Sita for few hours then what kind of comedy do you observe.
    It's been a tradition in our country and every year thousands of men and women acts like the characters of Ramayana in plays. But you are making fun of them and you think you are a secular who respects every belief and religion. In my word it's a double standard.

    Again some members are mentioning in their response 'Sadhu, mahant, sant turned politicians and chief ministers'. Do you people think that only Gandhi family, Sindhiya family, Lalu family, Mulayam family etc. have the sole right to rule this country. Only their generation are the real rulers who will maintain the secularism in this country.
    Most of the Sant, Mahant and Sadhu are unmarried and they have no family for whom he will loot the treasure. They have come from a middle class or poor family and have spent a lot of time among common masses and have better idea of the problems of common people. But liberals fear them because they are the real face of Hindus, because they will not favor 'the peaceful community' for the sake of vote bank, because they are trying to correct the mistakes made in the past, because they are exposing the real face of post independence dynasties ruling the different states and the country.

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    Mr. Gaurav: Can you change the liberals @ 'libus'. The basic tenet of these liberals is to mock the practices of Hinduism. The more they mock, the more high-level 'libus' they become.

    The refreshing fact is that educated and uneducated people of India, who constitute the vast majority, don't bother about the views of these 'libus' anymore.

    P.S.: Just now I have noted that this insulting thread (insulting to the elected representatives and monks) has received enhanced points credit as well as cash credit.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I searched about Purushottam Nagesh Oak as he was mentioned in the response. He was described as a writer, self-proclaimed historian, INA member and notable for his Hindu-centric historical revisionism.His Institution of Rewriting Indian History published quarterly periodical Itihas Patrika. He claims that Christianity and Islam are derivatives of Hinduism. Vatican was originally a Vedic creation called Vatika. The papacy was also originally Vedic priesthood. The right-wing nationalists are doing more harm to the Hinduism than anyone. Hinduism is such a great religion that it encompasses all the religions in harmony and peace. Unfortunately, we are witnessing people who in the process of trying to glorify the virtues of Hinduism are causing more harm to the religion.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    When Rakhaldas Bandyopadhyay and Dayaram Sahni discovered Indus Valley civilisation at Mohenjodaro and Harappa, they studied these two ancient cities very carefully and announced that this civilization was more ancient than Aryan civilization, the contemporary historians heckled them for at least twenty years.

    Similarly now Sitaram Goel, PN Oak , Ram Swaroop are being ridiculed by marxist historians (who have already deleted Jadunath Sarkar and Ramesh Chandra Majumdar from history books). But these marxist historians are not the last words on Indian history.

    Please go through the following link regarding Taj Mahal: This article is written by Stephen Knapp, who is, incidentally not a member of BJP or RSS.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I have received forwarded messages stating Taj Mahal was a Hindu temple and about Mumtaz being the 7th wife of Shahjahan and so on. I think this was much before BJP came into power. Those e-mails came with some proofs to claim that it was a Hindu temple earlier. However I am unable to recollect those now. My point is let it be a Hindu Temple or a Muslim Tomb, why do we have to fight for it. May be the Mughal emperor might have conquered it, but for that what is the use of we fighting now.

    In schools we have learned it to be a Muslim Tomb and we were all happy to know about the love between Shahjahan and his wife Mumtaz. It will be always in mind like that only even if someone proves it to be a Hindu temple later. Also it is one of the seven wonders of the world, hence people all over the world know about it. It is a pride to our nation; why do we have to destroy it in the basis of these filthy controversies.

    We know that our country has many enemies, so a controversy and fight in the name of Taj Mahal will come in news easily. Do we want other countries to make fun of us? Let us be happy that our people where talented enough to create such a wonderful monument years back itself. Let us be happy that it is considered as one among the seven wonders of the world.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    #: 612333:
    What about the submission of the Government in November 2015 and the clarification of Archeological Survey of India on 17-08-2017? Don't you believe in what the Government submits to the Supreme Court?
    I just want you to define what is secularism as you use it in many posts and also liberals@libus?

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    This thread is not insulting any person in constitutional position. But the people those are mentioned in the tread are insulting their mandate and the constitution. The so called mahant or sadhus got mandate for "sabka sath sabka vikas". Now they are seeking " sath" of one section of society by playing with their religious sentiments and leaving apart the " vikas". This controversy is a planned strategy of fundamentalists and their blind followers. This is being done to divert the attention of the common man from the core issues of employment, good living and health facilities.

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    1. Secularism means separation of religion from the affairs of state. It doesn't mean appeasement of minorities which Nehru preached and followed for the next 65 years or so.

    2. Liberals or 'libus' are those intellectuals who mock, criticise every aspect of Hinduism and go 'ga-ga' over some of the horrible practices of other religions. The more they criticise the Hindus, the more top-level 'libus' they become. They write thousand pages on the issue of marbles of Taj Mahal getting dirty due to pollution, but don't ask even a single question on the upkeep of Humpi, the kingdom of Vijaynagar empire.

    3. The Government always take step very carefully. ASI still consists of bunch of jokers, sorry, marxist historians and archaeologists. So, Government can give proper statement on Taj Mahal after studying the issue very carefully. May be it would take another 50 years or so to write correct history.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    How much years past constitute history? Was there not history even before the Mughals in this vast land?
    Every nation tries to go back in history and restore those unique past heritages and remove those symbols of slur and subjugation slurs that were forcefully imposed .

    The formation of Israel/Palestine or many other modern nations point to that. When a political party conducts a meeting or congregation, in the local town hall, the hall is re-named as 'so-and-so nagar' in memory of their martyred leader or their former leader etc. At least for that short time they erase the originals to bring back memory of their past. After becoming independent nation from British rule many names(of places, buildings, railway stations) were changed back to their historic past names.
    In the history of nations we know how names like Istambul or Myanmar or Sri Lanka came back.
    We now see in certain civil war ravaged nations how the old monuments are destroyed and brought to dust.

    Such things had not happened in India. We still retain and look after and care even those monuments which are actually symbols of somebody conquering and over-lording us. History itself say how the locals were tortured and subjugated to various cruelties by the conquerors including Mughals.The life story of Shivaji is just one example among many. However maximum of such history were deliberately erased or hidden from our full view and we are tutored now by the history teaching started by the British. There is whitewashing done to show the conquerors as secular. Had this great nation in the past was not been really secular and broadminded, these conquerors who also came in the guise of traders and travellers could not have been welcomed and entertained at all.
    Even in one part of our nation now, there is a deliberate effort to erase all the symbols of national unity and integration. It is then just natural that the patriotic citizen feel the pain when some section try to celebrate the conquerors and still enjoy the patronage of the freedom and broadminded accommodation in this country.

    Naturally a sense of renaissance of past will come up.
    well known tourist attraction all over the world, it does not need a special mention in a brochure intended to promote the lesser known ones. The controversy created is the handiwork of the troublemakers who want sensationalise and create division among the people and unity of the country.

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    There seems to be systemic attack against every Institution of Government.
    ASI - Being guided by Marxist historians.
    Text books.- Being built with false history.
    All these debates are very unfortunate. It ia true Indian hiatory is influenced by Marxist intellectuals. NCERT text book Ancient India 1st chapter debates on the role of their history writing. They clearly acknowledge Indias glorious past.
    It was british who wrote Indian history as Prosperous Hindu perios, Dark Muslim period and Modern period. Marxist historians questioned this and clearly saw it a delibrate attempt to divide. Hence they wrote history without any bias. They glorified both Ghori and Prithiviraj Chauhan. They wrote both versions of Aurangazeb and Shivaji. Is this wrong? They did not protray anyone as villain and hero.
    And appeasement politics. In what way Nehru Government appeased them?
    Structures in Delhi were alone protected. By chance they were Mughal structures. Any common person would know how Tirupathi temple is treated. In India Government by its IAS topmost service among all Government service for upkeep of temples. In India the money involved in Devasthanam boards is far greater than wakf boards.
    And debate must be contructive. NCERT text book writern during Congress period critizes severely Emwrgencg era, LPG reforms. I dont understand what attempt was made to distort history.
    Please do not undermine ASI, CCRT and bodies as such. We can critisize them. But they have mostly been honest. we can differ on their views. But do not malaign them.
    We havd Tamil Nationalist historians who proclaim Seperate tamil culture and Aryan interference. Even GOI under Modi initially gave permission to excavate Keezhakudi site believed to be a site prior to Aryans. But once its find was published the concerned officer was transfered. Funds were stopped. Madras HC intervened to restart ASI works. Why?
    If Hindu nationalist historians are going to boast on Hindu culture then Tamil historians will follow suit on Aryan Dravidian divide.
    All these are useless for politics.
    First Mughals have become Indianized rulers and calling them as invaders is absurd. Even aryans were once invaders then to IVC.
    Let peotect the structures as they are.

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    I came to know about the true contribution of these marxist (small m) historians from Arun Shourie's book 'Eminent Historians' which adequately proves their greatness. This book was an eye-opener for me. I request the Members to read this book to understand the contribution of these marxist historians towards distortion of Indian history.

    Nobody wants to destroy Taj Mahal. It has only been requested not to give it undue importance at the cost of much better, more grand monuments of India.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Partha at #612296, Stephen Knapp/ Nandanandana Dasa was not a historian. He was rather a spiritual writer. The photographs provided by him in the link and the captions therein are said to have been taken from the records of the Archaeological Survey Of India. If that be the case, do you think those who filed the case have not done any research to find evidence to support their views? In that case they badly need to be guided by someone who is more proficient and religious.
    And even otherwise, why didn't the government led by the saffron brigade decide to submit the same in the Court as an evidence. They may or may not convert back the monument to a Shiva temple but can at least satisfy the real Hindus (those who are not liberals) that the Taj Mahal was indeed a temple and while visiting the same next time, they can go with a spiritual mind and national pride. The fact is that the authenticity of the claims made by the author therein is yet to be established.
    The fact that such a claim is not supported by historical evidence was stated by the Union Minister for Culture. Partha, I am sorry to say, but you have this habit of posting links that suits your views but cannot be substantiated. It does not serve any purpose other than providing you some personal satisfaction.

    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    #612393: "You have this habit of posting links that suits your views but cannot be substantiated."-It is only your opinion that can't be substantiated.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I too agree with Saji's observation. The links mentioned by you have no evidence except their own interpretation of the subject. The Government of India informed the Parliament in November 2015 that Tajmahal is a Muslim tomb and there is no evidence of any Hindu temple as claimed by self-styled historians. Why is this point conveniently not considered? The ASI also informed the Agra Court that Tajmahal is a tomb. What is more, proof required?

    Sir, you have the habit of narrating only one side of the story. For an impartial argument, the two sides of the story should be considered. You always mention links(though mentioning links is restricted) that support your argument. What are the saffron(small s) historians doing now? They are trying to distort history without any proper evidence.

    Secularism is defined very correctly. Do you believe that the present Government is separating the religion from the countries administration? Is it not trying to polarise the country? Is it not appeasing Hindus for votes. In a recent article, Chandan Mitra, BJP lawmaker, mentioned that Hindus of Kerala are not afraid of their identity, they will turn to BJP. Why is religion brought into politics? Is it secularism?
    The liberalism stands for the freedom of the individual character. Why do you distort its meaning intentionally? Which liberals are criticising every aspect of Hinduism and go 'ga-ga' over some of the horrible practices of other religions? Give detailed examples of such incidents and substantiate your definition of liberal.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    #612445: Religion is always mixed with politics. But it should not be mixed with governance. The previous Government, following the principle of Nehru, brought minority appeasement in governance. Examples: 1. Very controversial Communal Violence Bill which was not proposed to be applicable where Hindus in minority. 2. Very controversial statement of Dr. Man Mohan Singh stating that Muslims deserved greater share of fruits of development. 3. West Bengal Government's current Kanyashree scheme where all the benefits are given to Muslim girls.

    Other points will be discussed when I return home. (Incidentally I have come to my sister's place to celebrate Bhai Duj.)

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    # 612450:

    1. Is there any Communal Violence Act now?
    2. In a family, children who are weak will be taken extra care by parents so that they are not bullied by the siblings. This does not mean they are given undue preference over the others.
    3. The West Bengal "Kanyashree" programme is for all but not exclusively for Muslim girls. Check your facts.
    The "Shaadi Shagun" programme initiated by the Central Government is exclusively for Muslim girls. I do not know whether this can be termed as appeasement for votes. Whatever it may be, it is a good scheme aimed at incentivising higher studies among the girls of minority groups.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #612542
    1. "In a family, children who are weak will be taken extra care by parents so that they are not bullied by the siblings. This does not mean they are given undue preference over the others."-In spite of looting (oops, ruling) India for 1000 years, these children are so weak! How long will they remain weak? Till the destruction of the country?

    2. "The West Bengal "Kanyashree" programme is for all but not exclusively for Muslim girls. Check your facts. " -Correct! But also check the list of beneficiaries.

    3. "Is there any Communal Violence Act now?" -No, there is no such Act. But what about the audacity of Teesta Setalvad led panel to prepare the draft of such terribly partisan Act?

    4. "The "Shaadi Shagun" programme initiated by the Central Government is exclusively for Muslim girls''-Who supports this programme? At least not me.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • #612547
    1. You are blaming the present generation for what was done a few centuries back. Very good logic.
    2. In your previous response, you stated that under Kanyashree programme, all the benefits are given to Muslim girls. I am not sure what you are saying is correct. These days people are not so innocent to keep quiet if any benefit due to them is given to someone else. They will go to court. I think you are confused about Kanyashree and Shaadi Shagun.
    3. When there is no Communal Violence Act, why do you make so much of noise?
    4. The Government of India initiated the Shaadi Shagun scheme. If some X, Y or Z does not accept, it makes no impact.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

  • #612560
    Tajmahal is not only India's heritage but an inscribed world heritage site by UNESCO. It is relevant as kings including Akbar and post-Akbar not only consolidated their place in Indian populace by several acts of public centric works to gain legitimacy but also beginning to think India as their home. This thought was only broken up by controversies surrounding Aurangzeb and later after his death Mughal empire lost its mythical supremacy due to several factors. However, whatever our history has been we can not change it. It must remain same for posterities to come. A grand example would be the British Raj. Who doesn't know that how barbaric it was? Remember Mangal Pandey and his revolt against legitimate demand of not having greased bullets against his religion or Jaliawallah Bagh massacre where unarmed people killed by General Dyer without any warning. But can we afford to break all ties with Britain today. Or you must have heard about reparations by Britain to India as demanded by Indians like Shashi Tharoor. Do you think we will ever get it? So make peace with the history, make a solid present and have vision for the future that should be the commonsense suggestion to a CM whose own state is embroiled in critically fumed news about children dying out of neglect, poor public health care systems and malnourishment. Political parties can only consolidate their base on the basis of their good work not on pseudo-religiosity or even majority or minority appeasement etc. Congress party is the biggest example! Else is just a filler or popular entertainment segment bound to vanish with actual general election in 2019 when electorates asks the performance report on ground.
    ''Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides.'' : Rig Veda

  • #612587
    #612542: "The Government of India initiated the Shaadi Shagun scheme. If some X, Y or Z does not accept, it makes no impact.''-If such community-specific programmes become norms, those X, Y, Z can silently change their opinion about the Government.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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