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    As usual sparkling numbers from the first page of forum itself.

    It is always felt by other members that I am so attached to numbers and even today that has some food from the first page of the forum itself.

    First one being, the announcement of TOW for the week 1st Oct to 7th Oct 2017 and the date 07 Oct 2017 is a peculiar Palindrome because if it is written simply as 71017 or 7102017 both are palindrome(same in the reverse order)

    Second being 'Happy to be 9!, in mathematics, 9! is read as 9 factorial and if we see the value of nine factorial it is 362880 and hence I immediately turned to the points page and see whether any member crossed the points of 9! and to my surprise, against the member Pramod the points shown is more than this but I am sure other lists of members who have crossed one lack points including Vandana will surely cross the milestone as they are really attached to the site and contributing consistently.
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    'Number mania' is a welcome symptom. Famous Sreenivasa Ramanujan is an example. Even a Number, 1729, is known in his name. When his friend Hardy came to see him in a taxi car, Hardy remarked that the registration number of the car had no attraction, Ramanujan immediately reacted by saying that the number was a special Number, it was the smallest number which could be expressedas the sum of cubes of two different numbers in two different ways. That Number, 1729, is now known as Ramanujan number.
    Thus if one is interested in numbers every number will be a special number. It won't take much time for him/ her to notice that.


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    Welcome back after a short gap and as usual the author has been perfect in searching for her required numbers and raised this post as per her observation. But frankly the forum has been bubbling with good number of new threads and thanks for new members taking initiative.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If it is 7102017 , we can say that is a palindrome. But if we write as 07102017 the reverse will be71020170. Or if you write as 071017 the reverse will be 710170. The knowledgeable members can tell me if I am wrong. It is true numbers are very special for the person who has an eye for it.. A good post by the author. 71017 is also a palindrome.
    always confident

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    Nice observation by the author. A palindrome is one wherein numbers and words can be read forwards or backwards ( Eg: 7-10-2017. 8-10-2018 or the word Madam). What is the significance of this Palindrome, was it used to convey messages, hold secrets or just a set of unique observation.

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    Yes Rao it is catchy with your eyes and I should have omitted and now it is edited.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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