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    Why we linger or delay the works in hand?

    Everyone has to do some works or jobs as scheduled in his day to day activities including his profession or employment.

    Though not all but many people have a natural resistance for doing an activity. They will say - let me have a cup of tea and have a small walk in the park and then I will start this work. While walking in the park they meet some neighbours and start discussing some political situation in the country and by the time they come back to the house it is time to rush to office and the scheduled activities are postponed for evening.

    This is a small example. Like that there are many situations when we linger or delay the activities - even the important ones.

    This creates a last hour rush situation in life and even such people many times suffer in life because of this lingering attitude.

    What do the members feel about this issue?
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    Generally, my tendency is opposite to what is mentioned in the post. I will plan my day in such a way that my work will be completed and I will be free to go home at the exact time. I don't like last hour rush. I encourage we will finish their work in time. As mentioned by the author many people will not start their early. They will pass the time with chitchat with other people and start the work very late. They will be busy in the evening. They will not leave the table early. Many government officers do this. They want their clients to come late in the evening. Probably it is very convenient for them for the exchange of their views and requirements. I have seen in registration office in some of the rural areas the registration will go on the fast track after office hours only. Slowing down during the work time and working extra time or keeping the files on the table for a long time is not to be encouraged.
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    We the human being are always finding ways and means to excuse us from doing works in hand and want to postpone for no reason and get tensed when the work get accumulates one after other. Suppose in vehicles when a small repair is noticed or reported, it must be attended immediately, otherwise it would become big problem. For example in tubeless tyre if there is small hole, the puncture has to be attended immediately otherwise the tyre deflate while running and that would be fatal for the vehicle user. Here what I mean to stress and say that when we attend to the works at the initial stage, the problem wont aggravate, otherwise we may end to face multiple problems with large expenses. Daily works has to be completed on timely basis and some daily works have cascading effect on next day work, and if we wont complete today's work, then tomorrow work gets hampered.
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    That is right, people have a habit of keeping their tasks for tomorrow, even if it is possible or easy to be completed today. This delays the task and even the tendency of a proper completion gets reduced. This is all about the sense of responsibility I think. If you owe the responsibility towards a task, you will try to complete it anyhow, and that too if you are a responsible person. If the reliability depends upon the other person, and you owe only half a bit of it and if the responsibility is shared, then people get extra free and the task gets delayed. Becuase of the dependency, even our value is shared. In that case, one has to think about discipline and successful completion.
    Responsibility increases our value, we should always maintain it in any case.

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    This is a true reflection of what happens in many of the service sector industry today, be it a government office or a supermarket. People will be standing in a queue, the attendants would be working lethargically, while others next door would be praying that the customer doesn't come towards them. Some government offices are genuinely short staffed but most have a laid-back attitude to prolong the working hours without meaningful productivity. I think this is one of the reasons (delaying work completion) for the poor performance of public sector units.

    There are many people who are able to complete their work with proper planning and without wasting time in between. I think it's a combination of lethargic attitude, lack of commitment and focus rather than lack of skills to do a job.

    Consider the same issue by introducing accountability, an incentive or a commission for completing work in a short time or selling a product in more numbers or even offering a bribe in an office, you will be surprised with the speed with which things move and the improvement in efficiency.

    I think we just need a change in attitude and lots of accountability to change this.

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