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    Dedication with intention results great

    If we do any work with intention and dedication, the result will not only be positive but huge. This has been proved again in a small city near Madurai. Attached is the news and the six feet banana yield in a house.
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    For the farmers getting into innovation and trying new varieties with their hard work and dedication has been happening across the country but that is not reported in media. It is really great on the part of the above person who is not a farmer and yet had the passion to cultivate and have the biggest banana plantain which is really a great achievement. This proves that if one has the dedication and sincerity and also knows the knack of how rear vegetable crops and also fruits, they can do wonders even in the roof garden and for that purpose they need not have land to cultivate.
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    For anybody to be successful hard work is very very important. When you take up a task you should have the determination of being successful in the task and you should dedicate yourself to complete the job. You should work hard for completing the task on time. When you have a dedication and determination, nobody can pull away from the success from you. The incident mentioned in this thread is one example for the same. The father's family worked with dedication and determination and hence they are able to give excellent results. A student who is studying should have the dedication and determination to pass the exam with maximum marks and he should try hard for that. Then he will be successful. In any line, these qualities are very important for a positive result. In 2014 election BJP got the very good majority because of its determination and dedication to win the election. The work was done by the leaders towards their goal given them the fruitful results.
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    Good to see that a person who is not a farmer can achieve this with atmost dedication. Organic gardening in home is becoming more popular nowadays as members in home strive to grow plants that yield healthy, and ecologically friendly vegetables and fruits to consume. I have started an organic garden in the rooftop of my house and for the past 3 months I am using the vegetables cultivated from my garden. I have noticed that the cultivated vegetables are more tasty than we buy and also we can consume fresh vegetables and fruits. Reducing the amount of pesticides also help in removing the toxins from environment.

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    Well noted history is full of examples wherein dedication and intent to succeed against the odds have given amazing results. There are many common people who do not complain about hardships, lack of amenities or help. They quietly go ahead with what is at hand with plenty of willpower and dedication which surely will be rewarded.

    The same with children of rickshaw drivers, from slums and poor families who achieve by cracking IAS exams, getting medical seats, winning medals in sports at national and international levels.

    Glad to see that more and more people are taking up to have small home gardens to produce their own vegetables and fruits.

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