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    Spending Deepavali day with Jawans, a great move from the PM.

    For the past four years we have been watching our PM Narender Modi spending his festive time especially Deepavali with Jawans in the border and bonding with them by giving assurances to attend to the woes and grievances. Never before any PM spent time with Jawans and that too on a festival like Deepavali. This clearly shows that our PM is one step ahead than his predecessors and his closeness with Military service gives the confidence to the people that the country is in safe hands and it is capable of safeguarding against any enemy attack.
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    It's really great that our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent Diwali with the Jawans in Kashmir. Glad to hear that he had gone to Jawans as he want to celebrate Diwali with his family. Thanks to our Prime minister who really respect our Jawans. They don't even care for their life when the country is at risk.

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    Good gesture, Mr. Narendra Modi, has been doing it in the past too, the defense minister Nirmala Sitharaman, also spent Diwali with the Army personnel at Andaman & Nicobar Island. The PM has said that on Diwali, he likes to spend time with his family, which means, Army is part of his family. Some may call it publicity, to me it's a noble thought and expresses respect for the Army who are out there guarding the nation. It makes them raises above the level of petty politics.

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    Real a good gesture. Mr Narendra Modi has spent his Deepavali festival day with the Jawana of Indian Military. He has been doing the same from the last four years. He is the only Prime Minister of India so far, who has spent his time with Army. He also said that it is his family and he is spending time with his family. It is also nice to know that our new defence minister spent her Deepavali with Army Personnel at Andaman. By doing, both of them inducing confidence into the minds of these people who are ready to leave their lives for the sake of the country. There is no political motive behind their gesture and no use giving publicity also. It is purely for raising the confidence levels of the Jawans. The jawans will feel that the people in the highest position in the government are caring for them and in case of any difficulty there are people on whom they can rely. A very good move.
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    It is indeed a good gesture from the part of our honorable PM, Narendra Modi. Jawans are the reason why we sleep peacefully, hence I think there is no better satisfaction for the PM than to spend the festival occasion with them. It is a great moment for the Jawans too.
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    Like the previous three years, this year also the Prime Minister spent time with the soldiers at the LoC near Gurez sector. Some people find this a gimmick but the soldiers, their families and the common people of India find this move of the Prime Minister moral-booster for the soldiers and their families.

    Like the Prime Minister, the Defence Minister Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman also visited the tri-service command at Andaman & Nicobar during this Diwali.

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