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    Do you know which are the countries which celebrates Deepavali with a holiday ?

    Normally we think that Deepavali festival is restricted to our country and it is celebrated widely across the country cutting even the religion barriers. But you would get astonished to note that some countries also celebrate our festival Deepvali by declaring holidays to their offices and establishments. They are :
    Sri Lanka
    Trinidad &Tobago

    Thus it is proven that Deepavali is not only a great National festival but also International festival widely recognized and followed.
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    These countries are:-Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius, Guyana, Srilanka, Fiji Nepal and Bangladesh.
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    Nice thread Thanks to both of you for this information, these countries celebrate Depawali with holidays well our India is great.

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    Interesting thread, good information about the other countries celebrating Diwali. I can understand Nepal,Pakistan and Srilanka but the other countries? It is part of their tradition to regard Diwali as a festival or is it because of the Indians who have settled in these countries and hence Diwali has to be celebrated?

    would be nice to know, anyways glad that many other countries also celebrate Diwali along with us.

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    Very nice to know that many countries will celebrate Deepawali by declaring a holiday on that day. recently I read in the paper that the USA is also celebrating Deepawali in some parts of the country. The Deepavali celebration will be there in White House also. It is great that the festival is celebrated by many countries.
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    Wow, its really great to know that so many of our neighboring countries also celebrate the festival of Diwali, giving it an equal importance. Earlier, I also had this thought that only we the Indians celebrate this festival. But, it feels awesome to know this as well. Thanks for this post-Mr. Mohan.
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