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    Can't people survive without electricity even for one year?

    Electricity is part of our life. It is difficult to spend even one day without electricity. But in cyclone affected areas, people were able to survive for more than 20 days without electricity. I was one example among them. But US experts suggest that 90 percent of US people will die within one year if North Korea assaults US with an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack. EMP attack is done by detonating a hydrogen bomb at higher altitudes over US. The electrons released by such a detonation can destroy all the electronics and can shut down electric power grid for an indefinite period. They claim that without electricity, 90 percent of US population can't survive even for one year. Is it true? Can't we survive without electricity even for one year?
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    In our house, we don't have electricity till 1972. I passed my SSC in 1972. I used to study with kerosene lights only. We have purchased the first fan in our house in the year 1979, with my first fellowship amount in the year 1979. We have our first transistor in our house in the same year ie 1979. Why I mentioned you is our elder age people were living in villages without electricity for years together. But later on slowly we all got accustomed to the usage of power. Now all our day to day activities are completely tied up with the current. But nobody will die if there is no power. Even today in many states of India power cuts are there and they are very high in India.Even today there are many villages in remote areas in which no electricity is available for the people there. Still, they live without current. I don't know about the USA. But definitely in India, nobody will die if there is no power for years together. But some hardships will be there. But we will face them but will not end our life.
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    Srinivas Rao sir, I am not talking about an individual case. I am talking about grid failure for about one year. Nothing will run without electricity. No banking system, no transportation, no communication, no industry running, etc. Even though there is no electricity in some villages in India, people in those villages might be taking benefits provided by electricity. For example they may take bus for their transportation, use banking system for taking loans, etc.

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    I guess so, because they bank on electricity for a lot of day-to-day activities, within homes and in commercial establishments as well. Imagine what 'no electricity' would do –

    1. The subway trains would come to a halt
    2. The traffic signals would not work
    3. Aircrafts would not be able to land and take-off because there would be no power at the terminals to guide and direct them
    4. The communication system would fail
    5. They would not be able to operate computers and businesses big and small would suffer
    6. Freezers and billing counters in supermarkets would go in a blink.
    7. Elevators in skyscrapers would not work
    8. They'd have problem pumping water and heating homes and cooking, without electricity
    9. Hospitals treating critically ill patients, especially those on life-support system would have a problem providing the right care
    10. There would be more episodes of mugging
    11. Their ATMs would not work and card transactions would not be possible

    For someone who is used to a certain standard of living, going back to the stone age, and surviving it, would be quite difficult.

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    Yes, electricity is very much needed to survive in the day to day life. First of all, people today consider this as a basic source and a necessity to survive. In all the countries, as Ms. Juana has already indicated various commodities will stop, people will not be able to go to work due to subway trains coming to a halt. ATMs will not work causing tough situations to get money. People will get irritated of their life. Since life, today is running on technology, if power will fail, nothing will work. And hence it would be difficult to survive.
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    The conditions in countries such as USA are entirely different and we cannot compare the conditions there when electricity fails. A country like India is yet to electrify completely.
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    We are developed so much that we can't even think of a single day without electricity. Then imagine for a year! People's life will be worse if their is no electricity for an year. Now everything including the transportation is connected to electricity hence life wouldn't be easy.

    1. Medical equipment and machines will not work without electricity.
    2. If it is a cold region, people need a heater to survive or a Air conditioner if it is a hot region. Climates of different countries vary. In India, the climate is nice that may be we can adjust without electricity but imagine in a deserted area, staying without electricity. The heat will be too much that the body can't take. Similarly for cold countries.
    3. Earlier there were lot of trees and less number of buildings hence climate was much more better.
    4. Telecommunication system will completely stop without electricity. No internet no telephones.
    5. In every factory, electricity is required hence no food items and no basic needs will be met.

    Then how will people survive 365 days, It is no doubt a difficult situation and lets hope that such a disaster will not happen to any country.

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    When we look at it from a wider perspective, it's like a doomsday scenario showing in movies and fiction novels.

    If at this happens, humans will go to survival mode. Looking and securing basic things - Air, water, food and shelter. Yes, we can survive but not all of us because nature's law would be survival of the fittest.

    Lack of electricity would have impacted the life care support needed for hospitals, they can still be run on back up generator. Yes, EMP cannot destroy solar panels, vintage electronic and battery operated devices and anything within a metal cage ( like a metal storehouse or warehouse).

    Next would come the list of events that the other members have mentioned, to me if, arson and violence are dealt with, the rest may not be as essential as it sounds. Back to the EMP attack scenario, any device that does not have solid state electronics would survive, even some modern cars can survive it seems.
    Most of us can survive making changes and supporting each other. It's estimated that major top-end electric girds would take 10-12 months to be replaced after an EMP attack in a major country.

    I just hope it stays in movies and books only.

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    Concurring with the very first response to this thread, I have to say that there was a time when people were happily living without electricity, without TV,Fridge , computer or mobile. But we made ourselves as addicts to the new life style which we cannot live without now. As we are addicted we will suffer withdrawal reactions and may suffer colossal fatalities.

    However human ingenuity will work then and will find new ways of survival and existence. As far Sun and Moon are existing, humans will try and get that energy converted to other forms of usable energy. Probably human civilisation may take a retreat path and start all over again.
    I shall quote a Malayalam verse with the same core meaning:
    " Andakadaaham, thiLakkunnor aaditya
    Bimbavum kettupom enkilaatte;
    Akkari oothippidippichu mattoru
    Theekkatta undaakkum sarga shakti."

    ( Let the universal energy, even the burning Sun also loses its fire-glow, human ingenuity and creativity will make a new fireball by blowing on the dying embers)

    The Hindu Vedic texts say that there will be cycles of destruction and creation in the universe.

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    Well from the mentions shared by the author on possible war between North Korea and US, it seems the later has baffled over the chemical preparedness and nuclear capability of North Korea and wants to weaken it with all means. The sharing that it wants to weaken and destroy all the electrical installations so that people would suffer wont go much as the punishment. North Korea must have made arrangement for alternate source of electricity and thus US game may prove flop. One thing is sure, the technology has been developed since 2nd world war and member countries must be alert on overtures from US and North Korea which may effect them also.
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