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    The things we say must match the things we do

    We meet many kinds of people in life but there are some people who always tell that I will do this and I will do that but in reality that they can't do anything.For real-time example politicians and the political party they release a manifesto that they will bring down the Prices of essential commodities but in reality, it will never happen or they will tell eradicate poverty in the country or they will give employment to everybody like this but these things never happen in reality. Do you think is it a necessity or Mandatory the things we say must match the things we do.Knowledgeable members, please post a view on this.
  • #612319, This is my Thread on the same subject and this author also posted his opinion on this.
    What we say should be practised by us. Then only people will appreciate you. But these days many of us are not having this habit. IF we take the example of KCR, our Telangana Chief Minister told in a public meeting in a pre-election campaign that he will make BC candidate as the CM of the State if the voters elect his party. His Party won and he has become the CM. When our beloved KCR was agitating for separate Telangana State, he said in a meeting, he will merge TRS with Congress once separate Telangana is formed. Sonia believed and dreamed winning of all MP seats from Telangana if it is separated. She separated. No merging of TRS with Congress. No alliance. COngress lost. KCR has become the state head. So we can't believe the words of these political leaders. In a Telugu movie, the hero is a political leader. In that movie, the hero is contesting for a post and in the election campaign the hero promises to bring Ocean to Hyderabad and he won the elections. So we should not expect to match the words and deeds of these leaders. Hear. forget and watch, is the only way.

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    #6123192 Practice and preach is the different thing and The things we say must match the things we do is different. The first one is You have to do and then tell. The Later one is If we say something that should match our doings...
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Yes, I believe we should do what we say. People should keep up their word only then others will respect them or else the second time when they say something, no one will believe in them. Especially the politicians in our country are the ones who do not keep up their words. Their main motto is to give false promises just to get votes. After that they do not have any interest in doing what they said or they might have forgotten whatever they said. It does not give a good feedback about them. People will make mistakes by trusting these politicians, but not always. Everyone will learn form their mistakes. So to survive in the long run one should keep up their word.

    Even in our day to day life we can see people who just bluff about everything and when it comes to reality they do not do anything. Such people will never be respected or taken in account by others. So in order to keep up your value and dignity, one should always do what he says otherwise should refrain from saying or giving false promises.

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    I think the author means honouring one's commitment be it verbal or written. It's similar to Practice what you preach.

    World War 2 has many examples of men honouring their words and promises.Commanders giving up their lives to honour their promises to advance or destroy a particular enemy position so that the army can move on.

    If people making statements and promises do it with honour and integrity, then half of them will not utter such statements, the other half might say and withdraw it later. The simple reason is these are social and man-made evils that have plagued us for centuries fuelled by man's greed. Can we eradicate poverty, No; Can we employ everyone, No but people still make such statements for personal gain.

    There may be a few honest individuals spread across the country who would have the moral courage to make statements that they can honour it, even if means a loss of one's own career.

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