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    18,00,000 deaths in 2015 in India due to Air pollution

    A WHO study quotes that India tops the world's list for the number of deaths related to air pollution. Deaths due to air and water pollution (25 Lakhs) was more than AIDS, Malaria and TB included during 2015. We are overtaking China in terms of air pollution-related deaths.
    India figures 12 times in the list of top 25 most polluted cities in the world.

    As we congratulate each other on the winning threads, I'm disheartened to say the air pollution in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai have worsened making it perilous. It's not just crackers and we need to act together because it looks like we wouldn't any good air left to breathe.

    Request for comments other than crackers please
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    I am shocked seeing this thread. How many people might have lost their lives just because of air pollution. Really sad. The increasing number of vehicles and industries are the main reason for polluting the air we breathe.

    1. Factories should not be permitted to function in residential areas or anywhere to closer to it.
    2. Secondly people should be encouraged to take public transportation than their private vehicles. There is hardly any house in India which atleast does not have a two wheeler.
    3. Government and the public should come forward to plant more trees near road sides so that the carbon-di-oxide emitted will be taken up by the trees and plants to a great extent.
    4. Proper waste management system need to be implemented in India. Otherwise people will throw the garbage in the streets and roads, which when accumulated will spread diseases and bad odour.
    5. Also don't let the public to put fire to the waste and garbage. Instead the municipality should collect the waste and put everything together in a non residential area and then put fire to it.

    Only if we implement these steps, our country will be free from pollution and we will be able to save the lives of many.

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    I feel sad to know that so many people died in India due to pollution. India is becoming number one country for unwanted aspects. Appearing twelve times in a list of 25 indicate that 50% of the top 25 polluted cities in the World more than 12 cities are in India.
    Supreme Court banned fireworks in our capital. But from the TVinformation I understand nobody cared for it. Very sad. In Hyderabad also pollution reached heights. Same may be the case with many cities.
    These problems are mainly due lack of responsibility by the entrepreneurs supported by political leaders and officers. These entrepreneurs are ready to invest chores of rupeesfor machinery to increase productivity but they are not ready to spend a few lacks towards environment. A very sorry state of affairs. Lot of untreated flue gases are let out without any treatment causing serious problems. This attitude is to be changed. A topmost priority is to be given to pollution control. The rules should be implemented and concerned officers must act tough without any exemptions so that a common man may not suffer. Pooling up of individuals-for transportation is a welcome aspect. Minimising the fuel consumption and planting more trees and stopping deforestation are very important. Otherwise these undesired deaths will be on increasing way. Public,Government and concerned officers should commit themselves for the environment protection.

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    Eighteen lakh Indians died due to air pollution in a single year. An unbelievable statistics. Who gave this information to the author?
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    One more pondering over thread on increasing air pollution across the country in general and Delhi in Particular. What I feel that the Aandhi dust which emanates from the deserts of Rajasthan do disturb the tranquility and serene atmosphere of Delhi and thus the pollution wont subsidize and adding fuel to that further Industrial, vehicle and other pollution add to the woes. I feel pity for the Delhi public as they cannot breath easy. The recent order of SC on banning fire crackers was the first welcome step to control the pollution and my thread was received well and responded with great support.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, SuN, it is unbelievable, you can check on the internet. It's a WHO study and the results are from 2015. It is the data concerning India from a global report published in a reputed medical journal.

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    "It's not just crackers and we need to act together because it looks like we wouldn't any good air left to breathe.
    Yes, that is it. Reasons are many. Prime reason is the automobile population and lack of vegetation cover. Private vehicles purchase should be restricted and discouraged by keeping vehicle loan interest high and also tax high.Our development starts with cutting trees. That should stop first. Quarries are working in thousands -licensed and unauthoised- most patronised by political parties and leaders. That should stop. Airlines are brought in like taxi cars. Upper layer is polluted. Who will control that? Soil has lost its gluing capacity,that makes dust fly and remain in air. Road surfaces are covered with the tyre withering particles. That with the chemicals used in tyre manufacture pollute the air most.Thermal power plants contaminate the surrounding environment.

    If we see who benefits from all these, we can see that it is those who primarily 'rate' us for our pollution levels and those who manufacture cars and those who make p[policies under pressure or benefit from the external interests.

    I now recall that somewhere I had read about portable oxygen cans or cylinders. Does the high decibel vocal opposition against pollution has any relevance and connection to that? That is because, I had sen that whenever a new water purifier is to come in the market, many articles and debates about the contaminated and unhealthy water fills the media and channels for sometime.
    As the old reputed cartoon character, I have to say " I don't know, son".

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    Present day statistics are manipulated and doctored for selfsh aims.

    For illustration let me take an imaginary situation.
    The survey asks questions to those suffering from say cancer. 'Do you eat tomatoes or use them in food'. Out of the 100 people surveyed 98 answer yes. Two say no. The result result is announced as 'Study reveals Tomato causes cancer"

    In this fashion those with selfish and targeted aims can make salt the cause of a disease and get it banned by courts or putting pressure on government.
    We now know that the 'iodised' salt was a clever business trick by business interests.. Similar is the case of universal flouride tooth paste business.

    Modern statistics and studies have to be taken with a pinch of salt. What we need is very indigenous research conducted sincerely and without any selfish and business motive.

    We want to know how many people dies in road, rail and air accidents .

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    As Mr. Venkiteswaran has aptly said, these figures are highly debatable and questionable. Till now, we ignored such astronomical figures. Now it's time to queestion those authorities who release such figures-we must ask them how they derived these improbable figures. We must question the statistical method of collecting data.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Yes, I do agree with Venkiteswaran sir and also I read recently that all our survey are based on westernized tools and hence may not be correct to the Indian situation.

    People always take it for their convenience only and if something is shared with their views then they feel it is correct and whatever best others say they will only brand them. For this I would like to quote an example in the place of Delhi when AK comes with a trial of odd-even and it is public who was against to it and not it is not there but surely it is a good idea and people will be admitted only when they really face it in Delhi as the number of vehicles are really really more compared to any other metropolitan or cosmopolitan city across the country. But since it is not convenient to people who have cars strongly objected to it and canceled. Likewise, the same ban of crackers, if people have the mindset of no crackers, then they say it is a welcome idea but the ban is only for a limited period and there are other occasions people will surely burn the crackers which may also cause pollution.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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