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    Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable

    'Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable' - Do you agree to this?

    I somehow agree to this quote. During our young age we are behind beauty and our appearance mattes a lot to us. It is the time to enjoy life to the fullest as you are in good health. But as you grow old, how you look matters less but what you are matters a lot. As we grow old we become wiser and we realize the external factors or appearance are of not much importance. Also being a woman I feel a woman can be more safe and be free when her beauty starts fading. There will less men around her who is staring at her.

    There are some people around us who doesn't want to grow old and will try any possible measures to stay young. I feel there is no harm in growing old as long as you stay young at heart.
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    A young person growing old as the age comes is a natural phenomena. No one can stop it. But the views of the author are true. When we are young our thinking , expectations and moments will be different We will do all the deeds expecting others to observe us. We may be good in doing things. But we want people to see us and appreciate our appearance. All our thoughts will be on our appearance only.
    As we go big and older our attention will shift from looks to fame. We want appreciation from all for our works.what we achieved is to be appreciated, that is what we want. Pastglory always we will talk than the present. We always talk about what we achieved in our life so far and how we achieved it and what are the hardships we have taken in that achievement will be explained to all. If somebody appreciate us, we will feel very happy.But one issue to feel sorry is as we grow old people will not care for us and many think that we are of no use to them. That gives lot of pain to us.

    always confident

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    Nice thoughts, all of us have grown up being fascinated with a beautiful face, perfectly flawless skin that we admire in our heroes and actresses. The importance of beauty is often at a peak during college days, wherein many are infatuated with the external appearance. But one just needs to see the beautiful faces of celebrities with and without makeup, then we will realise that it's just an illusion, even true beauty is often skin deep.

    As we grow in life we mature and become more comfortable and confident in what we have because we have understood fantasy and reality. Ageing can be hastened or delayed by our lifestyles and our general approach to life itself. Ageing in inevitable but doing it gracefully and with dignity is more important than just a chronological increase in the number of years with artificial beauty.

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