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    Adulteration of our daily food. What can we do?

    Are there any ways to deal with adulterated food? Put forth your suggestions.

    Every week we read about adulteration of food items, vegetables, fruits, cereals being coloured or injected to ripen earlier or to become bigger. Olive oil mixed with rapeseed oil and sunflower oil being mixed with palm oil. Stones in dried cereals, chicory and tamarind in coffee powder, the list is endless.

    For the festival, we bought organic natural brown coloured sugar and a handful was left out. It became sticky and on mixing with water the brown fine powder dissolved and what was left was regular sugar slightly bigger in size. I was surprised by this in organic foods also.

    How do mothers or parents ensure that the food we feed them is safe?
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    Good topic to discuss with. Yes adulteration of food items are being done much to the annoy and hatred of the people. In Hyderabad only recently a gang was busted which used to make ghee out of tallow and other materials derived from pigs. And on revelations they admitted that these so called ghee was being supplied to the road side food joints. Just imagine the fate of the people who were not aware of this happening. Likewise even from the sachet of milk, the cream has been removed and milk powder mix is being injected which is not known to the general public and user. Even the so called fruits which are available plenty in market are being made to ripen with carbide content and thus we can find the residue of white matter on every apple we eat. So we are putting our lives in danger out of ignorance and I feel pity that house holds does not have any idea of these adulteration.
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    The food adulteration has become very normal these days. Only one motto in life. Make money. How is not at all relevant, these days? white stones and plastic chips are mixed in rice. From ilk packets, milk is removed to some extent and water is mixed in that. No item is left out. Everything is adulterated. These days it is becoming very difficult to know which is original. They say organic but they are also getting adulterated.
    These days we have stopped eating outside to the maximum extent possible. Milk also we stopped taking packets. We are taking from a known vendor. But is it possible to continue like this forever? There is no stopping of these bad practices. The society has become like that. The system of punishment for odd things should be strengthened. The officers who are supposed inspect should be strict and sincere to the core.

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    This is a problem by which not only we are baffled as well as concerned but also the Govt is at its wits end.

    People who are benefitted by this mixing are least concerned for public health. They may be the producers or middle men or retailers.

    There are some people who can go to any extinct for earning money. When there own family is in danger due to this adulteration then only they realize what they have done.

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    The only solution to this problem is we have to go back to those ages where people used to cultivate all the food items required by them in their courtyard. But the problem here is how many of us have a courtyard and also if we have a courtyard do we have the time to cultivate? I don't find it to be a feasible solution when the population is increasing and men are busy running behind money.

    We should go for branded products and if still, we feel it is adulterated, we should not keep quiet; instead, we should speak up and make it an issue. File a complaint if required, so that they will be afraid to commit the same mistake again. As we the consumers are keeping quiet, the manufactures and sellers will still add adulterants to food.

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