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    Today I am completing 45 years of my stay in Kochi city.

    After having got married in 1972, I started searching for a house to stay within Kochi city, where I was working. Soon I could get one a bit away from the thick of the city, but within the city limits. It was a rented house. But within a couple of years I purchased some land adjacent to my place of stay. And after three more years I could construct a house and move into it. I am still staying there, though retired from the job. Thus from 1972 onward I am staying in the same part of the city.
    But the area has developed beyond comparison during these 45 years. There were only very few houses around, very few shops, very narrow roads and only a countable number of vehicles. Through the road in front of my house only one car used to pass, which was my neighbor's car. Now there are two multi-storey flats with capacity to accommodate about 100 families each. One can imagine the number of cars passing through since almost every family own a car. Additionally hundreds of independent houses have come up around this place. The grand Lulu Mall has come up. Oberon mall is also close by. Of late, the Metro service is passing over the heads of the people here. This place is known as Edappally. That means I am staying at Edappally for the last 45 years and watching the growth of a village into a metro city.
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    wonderful narration sir, you should think about writing this down in details as you've seen a part of history and traditions being changed. A few decades later, people of your area and town would be fascinated to read this change being recorded by a person who has experienced it.

    In Bangalore, I grew up with only the Public utility building (24 floors) being the tallest building for more than 30 years. Today there are many tall flats and commercial towers that are taller than this. Sadly with change, I've noticed that a little of the local heritage too is lost forever.

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    Wow staying in one city for longer duration is something should be appreciated as we normally move out when the need arise and for the betterment of children education as we get transfer of jobs. Good that the author has stayed in one place and a befitting article on the development that took place all these years can be wrote for the benefit of all.

    In this regard I appreciate my father who worked with Defence Accounts department and his job was transferable every three years as he served in Bengaluru, Jalna, Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Itarsi, Jabalpur and Mathura. But he made us to settle in Hyderabad and thus since 1956 we are staying in Hyderabad and that roughly comes to 61 years. I was born, brought up and grown in this twin city and I am more a Telangana than a Tamil citizen.

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    Sankaran sir, great to know that you have been living in the same city for forty five years now. It won't be an exaggeration to say that you have grown with the city because, as you said, the Kochi (then Cochin) of the seventies has changed manifold to grow into what it is today. I agree with Natarajan that it would be nice if you could pen an article about the changes that have come in gradually including the facilities, culture and lifestyle in Kochi based on your personal experience. You can also add up with some photos from your collection depicting the changes. Hope and pray that you continue to live in the beautiful city for many more years!
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    You have nicely summed up the growth of the city over the past 45 years. Nice to know that you were and is still staying in Edapally. I have been to the place couple of times but the traffic over there during evening hours is too much. As you said it clearly shows the increase in number of vehicles.
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    A very nice way of expression. It is very good to stay in one place for more years. The way in which cities are developing these days is tremendous. In 1985 I was staying in Hindupur, AP. Mostly every week I used to go to Bangalore. Those days Bangalore was such a place where you never feel hotness and a very pleasant place. Not so crowdy and we used to enjoy going to that place. But these days also I go to Bangalore very frequently from Hyderabad. I see a sea change. It is like any other city. Not able to move. I don't feel happy to go there. Like this many cities grew and became very difficult to stay in. It is always happy to see the growth before us. Growth is always good but not at the cost of environment and nature.
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    An excellent sketch of a city during that long period. The author has nicely narrated his memories.

    I have seen a small part of Kochi specially the one in which we take up the ferry ride to reach across the land masses protruding in the sea.

    It is a port city and has its own peculiarities. I remember one main road and associated market in which we just leisurely walked for quite a good distance and the marked seemed to be continuing further and further and we took a U turn and returned to our hotel. We guessed it could be one of the main markets there.

    Anyway after reading the nice piece of prose I also got something out of my memory lane to share.

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    I may add a little more to show the changes that have taken place here. A marshy ground, might be an old pond, was there in between two roads. On one side there were four or five small shops, all in semi permanent buildings. A thatched shed like semi permanent cinema talkies was there on another side. This place is now a very busy entertainments centre. It is now known as Changampuzha Park. Almost all types of cultural and literary activities are taking place there. Almost everyday some programme is taking place there. The importance of this Park has been reported even by US news papers. The very station of the new Metro rail near this Park is named as Changampuzha Park station.
    Another aspect I like to share is about the cost escalation. It is just for comparison. When I started staying at Edappally daily I was to travel from there to my work place in the city. I had to spend 25 Paise as my bus fare. Now the bus fare for the same journey I am to spend Rs.9. During those days I was spending Rs.25 for milk for one month. Now I am spending Rs.70 per day without increasing the quantity. Also more interesting comparison is the wages paid to the maid servant. In those days monthly I was paying Rs.10/- only. Now the same is Rs. 3, 500/- per month!
    Sometimes I took my noon meals from a hotel known as Bharath Tourist Home (BTH). They were charging Rs. 1.30 while the same hotel charges Rs. 150/- per meal. There are several other things which may be compared.


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