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    Any language is to learn for communication

    We are all thinking this language is superior and others are inferior. But every language is important to one and in no way he should insult other language. However mothertongue language should never be ignored.
    Once a couple from America came to Kanchipuram Shankar mutt for darshan of Holishri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi swamigal (shankar mutt seer -1894-1994).Both of them Tamilians but settled in US long back. When talking with them Swamigal asked them in which language they speak thselves inthehouse there. They with proud told 'english' and their tone denotes their inferiority feeling on Tamil. Swamigal told about the importanceof mother tongue and shouldnever ignore. They with carelessness replied as their English is the only easiest language than any. Inthe gap of time an aged lady came for dharshan and swamiji spoke some with her by offering prasada. Later He told the couple back that the lady was of highly rich once and now lives in poor status but she maintain herself the same 'bakthi'. Then He asked the couple what is the single word inEnglish for her unchanged status. Both of them thinked very seriously andcould not get the answer. Swamiji gave more time but they could not. Finally Swamiji Himself told as 'equipoise'. Both of them got ashamed.
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    Yes, I agree with the author. Whatever we have qualified and knowledgeable, if we are not expressive in the language of others we are nothing to them. This we will really felt only when we travel outside our place and wanted to mingle with others. Especially for TN, if they happened to stay in North, the real problem started and people may say that they can easily learn or grasp the language but still I feel that will help only in day to day conversation and not with any bigger discussion or debate or sharing knowledge on any subject.
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    every language is unique in its own way. There is no superior or inferior language. All are equal in my opinion. But mother tongue is very important for all. Whatever languages you learn, what languages you know, the important language for all is Mother Tongue only. Wherever we go in our house we should speak our mother tongue only. In that case, only our children will also understand and know our mother tongue. Anyhow when you are outside you have to use a common language between the two so that they can understand each other.
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    True there is no superior or inferior language. Knowing an additional language is always a benefit. Especially one has to know their mother tongue as I feel it is the language in which you will be able to express yourselves in a better way. It is sad that we live in a society where people feel ashamed of learning their mother tongue but is happy in saying that he/she is fluent in English. I am not against English and I strongly support the need of learning English but at the same time, we should learn as much as languages possible. Just because you know English doesn't mean you know everything, how will you communicate to someone who does not know English?
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    Language should not be compiled in a hierarchy, for many, their mother tongue would be perceived as superior, for some who want everyone to know that they are cultured or they have had a chance to stay abroad, English becomes their superior language. Language should just be a means of communication, learning or knowing another language enriches one's knowledge. One should not be embarrassed to speak their own mother tongue and similarly, we should not look down upon people who speak other languages.

    There are many people employed at malls and branded showrooms who look at you differently if you speak the local language and the same people fall all you when you speak English. I make it a point to tell such staff politely about my education and my pride to speak to local language even though I'm well versed in English.

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