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    Why don't we try to purify air?

    Do you think there is any concrete solution that would create cleaner air? Explore ideas and put forth suggestions for air purification!

    Pollution level has been increasing by leaps and bounds. The experts are suggesting various steps to control pollution. So experts want to ban crackers. Some experts want to close industries. So of them want to plant more trees.

    I feel that pollution is directly related to advancement of civilization. With the progress of civilzation, pollution will go on increasing. I also feel that the steps suggested by the experts are impractical. Crackers can't be banned. Industries can't be closed. More trees can't be planted and protected due to ever increasing population.

    So it is clear that air pollution can't be controlled. Now it's time to find ways to artificially purify the air. Scientists must work in that direction.
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    Purifying air! There are some masks which will purify the air and allow you to breathe in. We can use those masks to our mouth and nose. But when the air is getting purified what happens to the impurities? Again they are left out. We use RO systems for water purification for drinikng. But the RO system produces more wastewater than pure water. We let out that wastewater out and again it goes into the ground and makes our groundwater harder. As the hardness increases the output and waste ratio will change. This is the cycle what is happening without our notice. Same the masks which will purify our requirement of air make the remaining air more toxic. So prevention is always better than cure. We always should find ways to protect the environment rather than purifying it. But as you said scientists may come out with a way to purify air without leaving the waste back. Let us hope for the better. Industries need not be closed. Only thing is the promoters should be sincere in their commitment to the environment. They should make a system workable for effluent treatment without looking at the cost of the project. They can charge the amount on their product selling price.
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    This thread reminded me of the efforts in a China city some years ago to dispel pollutants in the atmosphere through giant water purifiers. However, the expensive experiment was not successful as it was short-term, for only a little while after the water was sprayed into the air.

    I think India can try out a few things that other countries have tried out, such as having a vehicle-free day with only public transport allowed, lanes dedicated to cyclists, etc. I also feel we should have a policy of allowing only one car per family who reside at a common address and have massive campaigns to encourage car pooling, using public transport, etc.

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    There are many traditional solutions available, which we deliberately ignore in the name of 'progress' and 'development'. A lot of damage has already been done . To a great extent that is not reversible. What can be done now is to prevent further worsening.
    The measures are very simple:
    1. Grow as many trees and plants near our home and on the roads.
    2. Leave forests and prohibit all kinds of tree cutting and quarrying inside the existing forests.
    3. Star afforestation of the denuded forests and grow trees along river banks.
    4.Regulate further manufacture and sales of private motor vehicles.
    5.Make public mass transportation more affordable, convenient and comfortable.
    6 Go back to walking and cycling for our local needs.
    7.Conserve and recycle water, as water and humidity is needed to reduce air pollution and hold dust and dirt from flying and get suspended in air.
    6. Grow and nourish the time tested oxygen releasing and pollution reducing trees like banyan,neem etc and plants like Tulsi,etc. in and around our environment and in Parks and common spaces.

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    "So it is clear that air pollution can't be controlled. Now it's time to find ways to artificially purify the air. Scientists must work in that direction.".
    This is the crux of the matter. The big talk about air pollution in large population countries is to create market for the products manufactured by the big corporates and multinational interests. They will create a big scare as if everything is lost and then 'sell' us solutions made by them at a hefty price and retaining the patents also for them.

    Why should we have a foreign or alien solution for our problems?
    We should have our own customised solutions. There are many easily implementable, if we are ready and having strong will power to resist the greedy business minds and stick to our own resources and solutions.Our ancient and local wisdom have them.

    There are certain countries who do not manufacture anything which may cause pollution to their country. They just import such things from the developing and underdeveloped countries. Such countries use the developing and underdeveloped countries as a disposal ground for their wastes and keep their own country clean. They manufacture and sell only automobiles and aeroplanes who are the greatest cause of present day air pollution. Manufacturing of automobiles do not cause the pollution which their use causes. How clever they all are! They do not mine, but keep all their reserves and buy everything refined from the developing and underdeveloped countries.
    Then they blame these countries for pollution. They manufacture Star war materials, supply and ensure that they are used elsewhere. Then they blame them for pollution.

    When we are going to understand all these?

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    excellent thought, to do this in a large scale would be difficult because such measures need to be practical, flexible and cost effective. Who knows a day may come when like a windmill every city may have a air mill or a bubble encased industries so that the air quality is good.

    Back to real world, we should proactively ensure measures to reduce the pollution and focus on the major offending agents. In some cities there are oxygen bars where in people to go and breathe oxygen enriched air to overcome fatigue and feel fresh.

    In Europe, an innovative idea had been tired out - Smog tower- a tower 23 meters tall, like a giant vacuum cleaner can clean 1 million cubic feet of air every hour of smog and particles.

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    Mr. Natarajan: ''In Europe, an innovative idea had been tired out - Smog tower- a tower 23 meters tall, like a giant vacuum cleaner can clean 1 million cubic feet of air every hour of smog and particles.'' This is a totally new information for me. Thank you. Want to know more about it.
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    Unfortunately we are first importing problems, then we import costly solutions for them.
    Why not have our own system? Why not have our own customised solutions?

    Weather,human conditions and habits, geographical conditions, availability of resources- all are quite different from many other nations. Then how can we have uniform solutions? Just for an example, we had seen adirection to keep headlights of two wheeler ON always even in broad daylight. I heard that modern vehicles are made with that as default inbuilt system. That would have been a necessity in countries where v sun light and visibility are poor due to fog or location specialities.Should that be practised blindly in India?
    Most of the things are like that we simply copy and paste.

    See what China is doing. They have their own customised solution for their problems. They have kept Facebook etc at bay. They have their own alternatives. But in our country, we treat it as a dumping ground for anything and everything. Then we get suffocated and congested.We are buying and using anythings which are banned in other countries. The irony is that such products ,in spite of being banned in their own country, are sent to India or manufactured here by companies of those countries.

    When will we learn? We will have cure for our ills only when we learn that.

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    Good question. Like how we purify water, some techniques will be introduced to purify air also. However, I am not aware of any such techniques so far.
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    It is not necessary boss, atleast if we are not polluting the air itself a great help rather than trying for purification. All mistakes from our side but expecting remedial measure from Government. We pollute air by smoking cigarettes, firing garbages in open places without caring others almost daily but criticizing lighting crackers which is happening one day in year.

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    Mr.Partha you can find more info from these sites. The designers clearly quote that this is not the only answer, we need to be eco-friendly when it comes to air pollution.

    China is also trying the concept of providing a large number of free bicycles in Bejing, that double up as mini air purifiers. These bicycles when peddled suck in impure air and let out clean air,

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    What I suggest that there must be complete withdraw of vehicles plying on the road expect public transport , so that smokes emanating from the vehicles can be controlled to larger extent. Likewise those who have two wheeler at the home, they should use the same for short distance purpose and those who have the car and want to make compulsory commuting, then car pooling has to be done with like minded people travelling in the same vehicle to the same destination. If such drastic steps wont come from the public side, Delhi would go from bad to worst and the pollution problem would further aggravate.
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    Mr. Mohan and some other Members have stated to withdraw vehicles, etc. I have already stated in the main thread that it is not possible to ban industry, it is not possible to ban vehicles. We can't halt the progress of civilization.

    So scientists must think to purify the air artificially. Mr. Natarajan has stated something in this regard which I didn't know earlier.

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    We need drastic measures and mandatory steps from all directions to reduce or control air pollution. Measures from
    - public - limit number of vehicles/home, trying car sharing
    - government organisations - good public transport, better buses and local trains, options for home working
    - corporate sector- carpooling ( you have to see the number of cabs every morning at MNCs dropping one person for each car), increasing work from home. Corporate social responsibilities of financial support for roads)
    - NGOs educate people and support eco-friendly cooking and waste management at the home level ( villages/towns)
    industries - vehilce manufacturers
    Fuel giants- cleaner fuel at cost effective prices for public
    Forest department and Roadways - aforestation, good roads, mandatory ban on moving chimneys old private and public sector buses.
    CIty muncipal corporations - effective large scale waste disposal so that burning of garbage is avioded.

    The list would be endless, In my view we can succeed if there is enough, Money, Strict laws and Co-operation from everyone.

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    Purifying air isn't a problem. The problem is doing it economically. As of now portable air filters come for 100$ which is way too much.
    Pure air isn't a right but necessity.
    There are a thousand different processes that can be used for purifying air. Starting from selection of a butanol polymer to using activated charcoal.
    Purifying air in a large scale is absolutely impossible because of diffusion.
    You see the wind currents carry the pollution miles away from the source. Do you know that Saharas' sand is responsible for rains in Amazon basin? Wind can make unusual things happen.
    So portable wind filters just like compact water filters are the only practical solutions as of now.

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