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Has Grammarly benefited you? Share your experience here.
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    How do you feel work with 'grammarly'? please share your experience.

    I feel really glad to work with Grammarly along with typing and it really made me feel how so many days the kind of English others would have felt.

    And also whatever we type outside too I am really helpful with this Grammarly and thanks to ISC to introduce me to Grammarly.
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    I am a grammarly lover. I keep my English checked and corrected by grammarly. I have talked about grammarly in one of my earlier threads. It is a very useful tool to learn good English.
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    We had a very interesting discussion a year ago. Check this out: Are you using Grammarly? What are the the pros and cons of using Grammarly to improve English. Since ISC has now provided it directly for use by members, this thread would be equally interesting to know whether it has benefited those ISCians who do use it. I don't use any online tools at all, just relying on my own grammar skills, fully accurate or not!
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    #612426 ,

    I had initiated this thread to thank ISC that it helps in using it directly in the box as well as downloading and installing through ISC made me easy to install and work outside ISC too. It is useful for people like me. Once again thanks to ISC.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I am also using Grammarly. It is very helpful. It is making me use the articles correctly. It is useful not only on ISC but completely on my laptop on other sites also. A very useful tool. I think many members are getting benefitted by this tool and improving their English. Thanks to ISC for this development.
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    I am using Grammarly. Very useful tool for correcting our mistakes in the language. One negative point I personally feel is that I am committing more mistakes now, feeling that Grammarly will correct them anyhow.
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    I have not yet used or downloaded Grammarly.
    My conservative and extra cautious attitude towards the online matters has dissuaded me from this also. Generally I do not download apps for my smartphone also.I have almost NIL apps(having just the bare essential few).

    I would like to be assured about two things:
    1. Is it free of preying and intrusion? Does it intrude into our privacy and data?
    2. Is it far better than the auto correct facility in MS word ?

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    I am using Grammarly and found it to be useful.

    Mr. Venkiteswaran Sir,
    It is far better than auto correct in MS Word as you need not type in MS Word to get the grammar and spelling errors checked. The Grammarly tool will guide you even when you are typing directly in ISC. It is really helpful as it corrects grammatic errors, spelling errors, duplicate words etc. It is easy to install. You will have to give your e-mail ID and have to create a password.

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    Yes, it's a very nice tool. It corrects all your mistakes and rectifies your errors. It always helps in making meaningful sentences also. Helps in correcting to rights conjunctions and even punctuation marks. A very useful tool for learning good English. Thanks to Grammarly.
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