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    Should India encourage emigration of its population to bigger countries?

    When educated Indians leave for other countries for better job prospects, we call it as "brain drain" and argue that India is losing its talent pool. Is "brain drain" not good for India? We can observe that UK, USA, Canada and Australia are placed on the same side in geopolitics because British ancestry population comprises majority population in USA, Canada and Australia. Brain drain will have two advantages. It will increase India's voice in geopolitics and at the same time, it will relieve pressure on Indian land. In this context, should India encourage emigration of its population to bigger countries?
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    Brain Drain is not good for the country. The talent acquired in India with the money of India if it is used for the betterment of our country, the development will be fast. But those people will go to foreign country and use their brains there and see that that will progress. Keeping this aspect in view in some countries there is a condition that the students has to accept to serve the mother land for a minimum number of years. Then only the facilities will be extended.
    The reasons for brain drain are many. Lack of opportunities in the mother land, lack of motivation from the government and lack of facilities in the country. The government should think about this brain drain and has to see how to contain this.

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    The Government spends a lot of money for providing education to the students. The educated youth are suffering due to lack of opportunities. We cannot blame them for going to other countries in search of jobs. The money sent is also helping the country. Until such time abundant opportunities are available within the country, the brain drain continues.
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    The reverse is happening now, with the change in the global economy and finanical status, many Indians who are abroad are being forced to come back from Saudi,UAE,Qatar, the job scence is more difficult in UK and USA. On the other hand we are seeing more and more peole from China,Europe and middle east in the major metros. The so called foriegn students from Africa and some middle eastern countries are into commerce and other questionable acitivities.

    Encouraging Indians to Emigrate would be difficult in the present context as many countries are restrict expect healthcare to some extent. It would be improper not to regulate our own population growth and send to them some other country to ease the pressure of land.

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    Everything will have two aspects. Brain drain is not good for the country as the talented people are going to other countries and is using their brain and talents for that country and not for their motherland. Maybe foreign income will be flowing to India, but India could have made much more if they utilized these brains and talents.
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    Local sentiments and practical issues have prompted most such countries to review about allowing large scale immigration. They have started tapering and regulating ,if not stopping altogether ,the immigration from other countries. Naturally India and Indians are getting affected gradually.

    So what we now fear is the re-flow or permanent return of those who migrated already . Added to this down scaling of further migration also will cause issues here. One of the solutions is to sincerely and urgently implement the Make -in-India concept work . Government should incentivise production ventures here. People should voluntarily resist and avoid imported goods and products if the same product is manufactured in our own country. The government cannot do the boycott due to international agreements.

    The party is now going to be over soon. Acceptance is less outside, salaries are being pruned, local resistance is increasing, new and more local legislations are coming in those countries disfavouring outsiders, life is becoming less peaceful in countries which were once thought to be safe. Due to all these reasons emigration will automatically reduce.

    So the title question may soon become irrelevant.

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