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    Is it possible to have a chat system in ISC?

    As ISC is an Educational platform so that we exchange our views through forums and we have a message drop facility to have individual members who reached Gold level. As to become more vibrant website can we have a chat system in ISC website? so that we can have a quick interaction with the members virtually. Now, this type of features is coming in so many websites. Is it a good idea to have a chat system in ISC.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I am somehow not convinced with the idea of chating on this site. The system of chating is a one to one discussion . For that we have many ways to chat with each other. This is more a discussion and exchange of views site. So chating may not be a good idea to introduce this system on this site. This is my thought. But we have to know the ideas of other people The decision is to be taken by the top.
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    I don't like this idea. The facility of chatting will totally change the character of this site which is unwarranted.
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    Chat would be for a specific query and one to one interaction like an extended customer service or personal friends chatting. I think for ISC it would not be beneficial. Like the forum or article section wherein the present format is the ideal way, sot hat whenever the member is free he or she can read, browse and reply.

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    I am also not interested in having a chat system in ISC. We always have the Forum section to share our views, to communicate with others and the editors. We also have personal messaging systems. In addition to these, I do not actually see the need for a chat system. Be it the forum or personal message, it is seen to everyone but if there is a chat system, it will be just one to one conversation which no one else can see. I do not think such a system is required in a platform like ISC. Everything is so open here and I feel that is the beauty of it.
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    Please read the content under the sub-heading 'How many responses can I give in a forum thread' in the guidelines for posting responses to forum threads wherein it is mentioned that you must avoid posting consecutive responses so that the same does not look like a chat session. This clearly lays down that ISC will not encourage chat sessions. Moreover, we have always been making it a point to remind our new members that ISC being an educational site is different from other social networking sites. So, I don't think ISC will allow a chat session because it is against our basic requirement and policy.
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