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    Is it a good idea to develop capital and financial cities which are prone to natural calamities?

    There are an argument and debate going for the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh as some people
    are arguing that Visakhapatnam will become the best capital of Andhra Pradesh as the natural calamities are more in that area it is not an ideal place for the capital city. As Amaravati declared as a capital city of Andhra Pradesh now the Chief Minister of the State declared Vishakapatnam will be developed as a financial capital city.Is it the good idea to build a capital city or financial capital city which is prone to Natural calamities?How Mumbai became the Financial capital city which is also prone to Natural calamities?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question
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    Good point, common sense says that the state capital should be at an area that is a. less vulnerable to natural disasters, b. easily accessible and well connected by road,rail and air,c. has good infrastructure that can be used with adding to the construction costs, d. has potential to be developed into various areas for administration, corporate offices and banking sectors, e. has potential to attract foreign investment and new business ventures and should not displace existing population or eat into green zones.

    would be interesting to see what others feel.

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    The state capital should be as near as possible to all the places of the state. if the capital is in the centre of the state, it is always better. In that context, Amaravathi is more in the centre of the state. The capital should be having a good infrastructure. Among all the places Vijayawada is having a better approach having airport, railway station and connected by road from all the places of the state. The Krishna and Guntur district are less prone to calamities when com[pared to other places. So there is no controversy in the selection of capital for Andhra Pradesh.
    Regarding Visakhapatnam, all the facilities are there but the place is more prone to natural calamities. So making it as a financial capital may be a good choice as there is no other place in the State by a taking a small risk.
    Anyhow the choices made are the best available. Unfortunate that initially, AP is in Chennai State and they have made is separate state by merging with Telangana. AP at that last the capital. Then after developing the Hyderabad, AP was forced to leave Hyderabad also. Two times dejected and a huge loss to that State.

    always confident

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