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    Organ donation: Can we learn from the West?

    The Ever increasing population and a widely variable level of access to health care in India means that there are many people with organ failure (kidney, liver and heart) waiting for a organ transplant. In India the concept of organ transplant means donating blood and donating eyes (cornea), recently people have been donating kidneys for the family members.

    In Western countries 70-80% of population register themselves for organ donation in the unfortunate event of untimely death. In India less than 1% actually donate organs after their death. This wide difference means a demand and supply gross mismatch of a noble gift, the gift of life. Last year in India alone 5 lakh people died waiting on the transplant list for a organ to come by their way.

    Today organ transplant is a reality and doctors are transplanting kidneys, liver, heart, pancreas too.
    Can we change and help someone else live also.
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    This is mainly due to the awareness of the public. In our country, many people don't even know that they can donate their eyes, their Kidneys etc. So first action to be taken is to create awareness among the people. Another issue in this transplantation is huge expenses. Many people can't afford these expenses.
    The third point is accessibility. My mother in law was staying in a rural area near Kakinada. She has registered herself for the donation of her eyes. The same thing she informed her daughters also. When she expired we have informed the concerned for the collection of the eyes. But those people couldn't reach the place in time and the task is not fulfilled. These are the inherent problems in our country and the main problem is excessive population and the country is not developed in proportion to its population.
    A serious thought in this direction is the need of the day.

    always confident

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    Organ donation is one of the major things a human can do. Don't donate your organs when you are alive, if you are afraid to do so. Donate it after death, at least if someone can live with your organs, why do we have to stop it. Let them live and we or our family can be happy about it.

    We live in a world where some people are not even ready to donate blood. Then do you think they will donate their organs? Out thinking and outlook has to be changed. Live and help other's live; that should be our motto.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    There are many reasons as the awareness regarding organ donation is not popular in India due to various factors. Firstly the those who are going to die, are not aware that their organs are much valuable and they can live twice by donating or pledging their organs to others who need. Moreover there is a strong feeling among the organ receivers that those who affected with the disease and they donate,the organs wont be fit and would functioning as expected to the donee health. If this issue could be convinced and made easy, I think every one would come forward to donate organs in India too.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Organ donation,eye donation are all good to plan,tell or decide. But the effect giving person is totally different, unless the close relative or spouse with enough courage, the effect of such intended donation got failed. There should be a known person or person who can remind the donation intention of the deceased to the nearest kin or spouse as everybody in the house are in sorrow.

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    Organ donation is the noblest donation in the world. Organs from a dead person can change the lives of many persons. Much earlier I wrote a story on organ (eye) donation, the link of which is given below:-

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