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    Friends - the people of our life

    Friends play a very important role in our life. From our childhood, till we become adults, friends are always with us. We enjoy a lot many moments with our friends. We learn ample things from them, from the funny moments till those serious fights, everything becomes a memory once we grow up, busy in our own living. Enhancing from our purest thoughts of teenage to the logical thinking of adults. We grow up, starting to prioritize things and slowly our good friendships are lost. Some people still maintain their friendships, while some become highly practical and keep moving on. We share so many things with our friends, our personal, our professional life. We share even those moments which is hard to be shared with our parents. Especially when the life goes worse, your friends teach you very well. If you share you sad moments with them, they will find a hundred ways to motivate you and to come out of that disappointment.

    Friends are our people for life. We get the angriest at them and even love them the most. We encourage them to fight their hard times and inspire them. For some of our friends, their family does not allow them many things, they live in a restricted environment and they have to undergo moments of frustration especially during their career and marriage decisions. And that is the time, we the friends can support and motivate them. Friends are precious, keep them and try and stay in touch with them.
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    The song 'Tumhi ho maata pita tumhi ho, tumhi ho bandhu, sakha tumhi ho...." shows how important friends are in our life.
    In our life we first see and experience our mother, father and close relatives. These are beyond our control and we cannot choose them also. But when we step out the first relationship is friends. Friends can be chosen and retained by our own decision and choice. So usually we select those who stand with us,those who can empathise with us and those do not leave us us even when we are weak,ugly,sick or poor.

    That is why friends are the most precious assets o our life.

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    Relations are by our birth. We can't make any choice. Of course, some people say life partner we can choose but there are also a lot of limitations are there for selection. We all know that marriages are made in heaven. Finally, we are left with one chance for selection that is friends. You can choose your friends. You can choose the friends as per your liking. Usually, we will select those people whose nature suits our nature as friends. The thoughts should be similar. They should have the same frequency. Then they will become good friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed is a common proverb we all know. But in young we are tempted to make friends with some people who are having some odd habits which we feel as heroism. But later on, we will understand. So we should be careful in selecting our friends.
    always confident

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    I do agree with the author that friends are special people to us as we feel cozy, comfortable with them and even share secrets of our life and also discuss problems with them. This indicates that those who near and dear to us and those whom we like , we call them the close friend and by virtue of our bonding with them we do come further closer and that would become strongest friendship better than the people in our family and relations. Good friends are those who stand by our bad time and also support us during the trying period. Where as a good friend is one who may for go his chance and would certainly help us. Long live good friendship. But care must be taken to make good friends. Not every one talking nicely be believed nor trusted. Our heart and understanding must be same and our thinking should on same line. That kind of friendship would last longer and yearn to meet again and again.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Friend is the most important person in our life as we can talk to him freely without any inhibition. He is the one who helps us in time of our agony and he is also the one with whom we picnic or enjoy fun and fairs.
    A helpful friend is a great thing. As well said - a friend in need is friend in feed.
    We develop friend during our life but childhood friends are much important than anyone else. They remind us our school days and nostalgic things we did to gather.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I totally agree with the author. Friends are really precious as we can share anything and everything with them, even those things which we can't share with our parents or family members. Lucky are those who still have their childhood friends as their best friends even now. They will know in and out of each other as the relationship is so old and as they have grown together.

    One thing we have to be careful is while making friends. If we start the friendship with the wrong person, then our life will be miserable. Find people of your same wavelength and the ones who can understand you better, keep them close to your heart as they will be there for you always. I doubt whether there will be a person in this world who does not have friends at all.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Friends are unique fellow human beings who make our life worthwhile. As kids we grow up sharing our lunch, small pieces of chocolates, make mischief as a group of friends.Then as we reach college, friends become the brother we didn't have, the sister we didn't have and our parents also treat them as one among their children or as a son or daughter they longed for. We start sharing money and ideas to make our careers. Even after getting married, the close circle of friends stay in touch often exchange good old memories.

    At every step of our life, we get to meet new people from whom we choose our friends. Among friends, true friends stand out as they wish the best for us even it not what we dream of, support us at times of need. Many at times during family disagreements, friends become the peacemaker and go in-between for lovers.

    Sometimes, people change, situation changes and this forces friends to change their nature. These are testing times between friends and one should tread carefully.

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    Friends are normally a well wisher to one rather than anybody. But ignoring oe setting aside relatives for the sake of friends is not admissible. A real friend never give up his friend on any occasion/situation. There is a moral story. There are two friends and once they happened to cross a forest. Suddenly they saw a bear before them and got frightened. One of them with fear climbed on the nearby tree by leaving his friend. This man by applying his mind, lie down on the ground as dead. Nearing bear smelt him and gone other side. On seeing the bear gone the friend on the tree came down and asked the other what the bear was telling him as he assumed the smelling of bear as it was telling something. The friend from ground told that the bear advised him not to believe the person on the tree as friend as a real friend never leave his friend in difficulty. The other friend got ashamed and asked 'sorry'.

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