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    Postman and Post Office: An Endangered species.

    Wind the clock a few decades back, n0 phones, no internet, think of how people used to communicate - letters, writing letters and receiving letters was the main mode of communicating news good and bad. Many of our elders would have told us stories of how they used to wait for the village postman to come and deliver letters to them.

    Times have changed, today very few people use the post office for the true purpose of posting letters. Many don't mind dropping the letter at the private courier company but are hesitant to visit the post office to use the same services.

    With the rapid changes that we see, soon the postman would be forgotten, postmen and post offices would be absorbed into the government machinery.

    Long live the postman and the postal tradition.
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    WhenI was in my post graduation,doctorate and later on job up to almost 1988 we are all more dependent on letters only. Landline phones were there. But there was no STD facility in manyi towns and villages. We have to book a call and wait till we get our line. Main way of informational sharing is by letters only. Everyday after coming from office my first question to my wife is,any letters today. Postman used to recognise people and used to give letters wherever we meet. Everybody were eagerly waiting for the postman.If The newly married couple are for any reasons gone separately for a small time , their sweet nothings are through letters only. But slowly STD facility has come to all places , then mobile phone,chating etc. The importance of letters has comedown. Even we meet our brother or sisters also, there is nothing special to discuss as every day we are talking to them everyday. These days without cell no one there. So as opined by the author the importance of Post man and post office has come down.
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    There were days when we used to wait for the Post man's arrival. We children were competing to collect the letters or other articles from him. In my childhood days the nearest post office was about ten k.m. away. Hence the Post man used to come only once in a week. It was Fridays, if I remember correctly. Certain magazines used to come through post office.
    When the telephone was not so popular we had to depend on post office. I remember, when got selection for my post graduation at Thiruvananthapuram I left my home alone to join there. I could contact my parents only by post and they were much worried until they got my letter.
    Again my waiting for posts was when my marriage was almost fixed with a girl, studying for her final engineering degree programme. After meeting her at the college we started writing letters. Almost every alternate days we wrote letters. Postman was the connecting link. Thud the post office and post men were playing a main role until the telephones and now the mobiles became so popular.


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    I know the importance of postman and the letters. When I was away from our family and stayed in Delhi between 1980-85, the letters were only source of solace and information me and my family. My father was kind enough to send reply card so that I need not waste time fetching for post card to append the reply. He would ask questions for which he expected answer on the reply post card. That was a good idea from him. After the invention of cell phone, every one literally forgotten writing habit and letters. But I would certainly love to write letters even today and respect the services of postman.
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    With the advent of mobile phones, internet, the postman who was an integral part of life previously became almost non-existent. Only in cases where we require proof of sending letter or parcel, we are using postal services. The changes made in the Postal Department also causing a lot of delays in delivering the letters. The sorting of letters is done in a centralised place. After sorting there, the letters are sent to the post offices concerned. This is causing a lot of delays.
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    There was a time when people who had relatives or friends staying away from them used to wait eagerly for the postman. The eagerness definitely had more depth than the eagerness with which we wait for our e-mail responses today. Unlike the mails or messages that we exchange through modern gadgets which are more formal, letters used to be an exchange of day to day happenings at home and the village, feelings and what not. There was no requirement of a profile photo; we could see their faces as we read through the lines. It is sad, though may be inevitable, that postmen and post offices may disappear from the scene altogether. But I think we can, if each one of us want to, revive those good old days of letter writing.
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    Glad that we agree that writing letters was a good way to keep relationships alive and we all has nostalgic memories of the postman and the postal services. Today, In India, via stamps (Philately), the post office is trying to revive itself. Many branches offer "My stamps" where in, we can get a photo of our child or grandchild printed alongside a legally valid stamp and both can be used on letters and envelopes.

    #612743: Yes, the joy of receiving a letter from a loved one those days was the next best thing than seeing them in person. We should preserve the art of letter writing both for the sake of the postman and to keep up our handwriting skills. I think, this is one way of ensuring that traditions and original language stays alive in comparison to the modern day digital age written & spoken English/other languages.

    #612537: in the name of centralization many employees of postal and various services have suffered /lost their jobs when the brand and top employees have already made and still making profits.

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    True, I haven't seen the postman recently. Earlier I used to wait for the postman during my childhood days as my dad used to work abroad and he used to send us letters and cards. It was so much of fun. To take the letter from him, to open it and everything, this post reminded me of it. Somedays, when I know my dad has send us a letter, I will wait near the gate for the postman and sometimes there will be some delay and the postman will pass by without entering our house, so sad I will be then. I used to enjoying collecting letters from him because I had the habit of collecting stamps. So to add another stamp to my album, I will be eagerly waiting. Today's kids do not have that hobby as they hardly get to see stamps and letters and also you get a cover full of stamps from shops. But that is not fun, collecting it all yourselves is much more fun. Now I visit the post office only if I have to send any applications or documents to my university. Mobile phones have killed the spirit of sending and receiving letters.
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    When we talk of postman and post office there will be many people who will be interested in telling the nostalgic stories about them. There was a time when these entities were a part and parcel of our life. Even today in small places they have enough significance for people who are saving a part of their earnings in post office savings instruments like KVP , Recurring deposits etc.

    As Govt has given the post office permission for banking transactions, slowly they will be merging in the banking industry.

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