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    "Shaadi Shagun" scheme of the Government to Muslim girls.

    Majority of the Muslims are poor. When it comes to the girls, the parents prefer to spend money on the marriage of the girl rather than on their education. The result is that majority of the Muslim girls end up with minimum education. After marriage due to lack of higher education, they end up leading a choked life in the society.

    The Government of India introduced the "Shaadi Shagun" scheme to meritorious Muslim girls who complete their graduation before marriage. An amount of Rs 51000/ will be given to each of the girls who are eligible. The scheme is aimed at incentivising higher education among minority groups. A very good scheme introduced by the Government for the upliftment of the girls of minority groups.
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    It is good that Government encouraged the muslim girls to get higher education. But only one point I want to make is why it is specific to Muslim girls.Why can't it be a common scheme to all girls whose income levels are below a certain level. These types of incentives based on caste and religion only creating discrimination among the people. So government should go for general encouragement irrespective of caste and religion, but on the basis of economical position. We should welcome such incentives only.
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    There are many schemes and scholarships available to others including Muslims. This was done by the Government as explained by me in the content of this thread.
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    1. Many poll-experts are now saying that Muslim women have become a major vote-bank of BJP. It is quite unexpected but true. This truth is reflected in various ways. For example, in the recently help UP election, BJP unexpectedly won the Deoband Assembly seat where the Muslim voters are in a overwhelming majority. It is said to be due to voting of Muslim women. May be this scheme/programme has been initiated by the Government to satisfy this section of the vote-bank.

    2. Having said that, I must also say that many people don't like such community-specific development programme.

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    You accept that the present Government is also as guilty as the previous Government, for the appeasement of votes. There is no difference between the "Party with Difference" and others. They are also birds of the same feather.
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    The Telangana government also gives the Shaadhi Mubarak and Kalyana Lakshmi marriage scheme amount to those who are poor and has to be proved. Most of the Muslims in Hyderabad are claiming this amount as the Kazi who performs the marriage issues a certificate which testifies and offer proof of marriage and their account is credited with 51,000 amount. Like wise for Hindus the marriage invitation card along with others proof are desired to be claimed for the scheme. Registering the marriage after the function is over is the best way to get the government benefit without fail.
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    #612550: That is the precise reason I want Presidential form of democracy. In that case, the Government (President) won't have to take such community-specific schemes to get the support of particular sections of vote-bank.
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    Partha , now a days our courts are vigil and having a tow on the functioning and announcement of schemes by the government. I have seen many cases taken as the suo motto by the courts and have pulled the government for its unilateral decision of appeasing schemes. So we need not worry about other forms of government as such at present. As long as our courts and opposition parties are vigil over what is happening in the country, the ruling party can be tamed and prevented from doing wrong things and appeasing policies. By the way giving priority to all sections may not be criticized.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The response of Mr Mohan is absolutely correct. The present system is working fine. If there are any problems they can be set right. In the USA, there is already a campaign going on for the impeachment of the President for his mismanagement of policies, and the way in which he brought the country to the verge of nuclear war. Too many powers in the hands of an individual are always dangerous.
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    When it comes to the welfare of women, I don't think anyone would object to such positive schemes. This is a very good scheme to empower women who are graduates to get married and then start of their homelife/careers.

    The problem comes when it for a specific community, we have seen these time and again with reservations being misused, BC/SC tags being bought for a price so that other benefits can be availed and of course keeping the caste-divide alive apart from ulterior motives.

    I don't know how and what qualifies for majority being poor. For any poor citizens of India, who are parents of young meritorious girls, these benefits should be extended.

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