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    Why do I make these mistakes every time?

    I am not a very good typist. My typing skill is abysmally poor. I make many typing mistakes although I type slowly. However, I have noticed that in case of some words, I invariably make mistakes. Let me give an example.

    Today morning, while typing an answer in a different site, I had to write 'ratio' and 'mutual' more than thrice. I found that in each case, I typed 'ration' instead of 'ratio' and 'mututal' instead of 'mutual'. Every time I made the same mistake and later corrected the mistakes.

    Even now, while writing this post, I have made the same mistake. This happens to me in respect of some specific words.

    Why do I make these mistakes every time?
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    In children, it can be attributed to Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD). In adults, this may not be the cause. Pre-occupation of mind with other thoughts while working or writing may be the cause. Concentrate on one activity at a time. This will definitely help you.
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    Generally this type of mistakes will be made by many because we ate not professional typists. But as the technology advances new systems will be. evolved. We should be thankful to grammar check and spell check tools available on the system which is allowing us to take up the work even though we are not professional typists.
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    There are certain wrong spellings or wrong concepts which remain deeply seated in our minds. They override the present activity with such a force that unknowingly we follow them and commit these mistakes time and again. It may be a low order mental disorder or psychological paradox but it is true and it happens in real life situations.
    There are many people who are coping with this type of problems by checking these writings after a small gap of time and then seeing them in their incorrect forms and happily correcting them. Human mind is very strange and works in myriad ways.

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    Thought provoking thread. I don't think there is anything to worry about Mr.Partha

    Three important things
    1. Old habits die hard (in the brain)
    2. Even good writers and authors make grammar and word errors as, the mind is focussed on a much higher level of translating your thoughts to words and meaningful sentences.
    3.grouping of common words happen in every individual and the recall of such words when writing in almost sub-conscious.

    If it's of a consolation, there are lots of people like you and me who make the follow errors every day again and again
    teh instead of 'the'
    to instead of 'too'
    it instead of ' it's'

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    Ha! Ha! I am not at all worrying. Although the problem is genuine, it does not worry me. I know my tendency of making mistake while typing these two words, so, before submission I re-check whenever I write these two words. Incidentally I also type 'the' as 'teh'.
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    As we are getting aged, our mind may be fresh but our hands and fingers are getting old may not function as prompted by brain. Invariably we end up making mistakes. Luckily there is a spell checker facility available with ISC and what ever wrong words typed would be immediately highlighted with red mark underline which can be corrected forth with just click. I was just wondering if we were made to write the running content on paper without using dictionary and spell check, what would be our accuracy and correctness. Surely I may end up with varied mistakes and has to face the imposition.
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