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    Have you noticed the Elephant in the room?

    Many times in our life at home, at work and among friends we move and interact with a close circle of people who are part of our immediate family, relatives, colleagues, social and business associates. During the course of our interactions, there would be many misunderstandings, miscommunications and sometimes even an unpleasant exchange of words.

    It's human nature to have such issues and it's also our nature to leave things as they are. However, these minor issues because of unsaid words and opinions leading onto an obvious unseen barrier between us that spreads negativity and hampers joy and progress.

    So, if you notice this 'elephant in the room between you and your key companion, colleague or friend, please take time out to sit down and discuss things informally over a cup of coffee and find solutions to move forward because it's rather difficult to live with the elephant in a relatively small room.
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    When there are two heads, even though they are very close and friendly, during the course of interaction sometimes some kind of difference of opinions will be there. In such cases, whether it is an office or at the house, with friends or relatives or family members if we go on arguing on our own point without giving a thought from the others point of view, it will bring in more problems. Generally small issues we will discuss and forget. But sometimes it may scale up to bigger levels and may become a big hindrance to the progress.In such case, at least one party should leave their ego and have a dialogue peacefully with more logic and understanding with the other party and come to an understanding in the larger interest. This approach will give you immense happiness and things will turn to our favour and we will be in a win-win position. So please don't fight with the person but fight with an issue with a more logical and positive approach.
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    Good thread from the author. Normally when two good minds are at the work or on a discussion mood, there are people who want to jeopardize the tranquility and relation and thus involve themselves with irrelevant comment or review which may irk the friends. Since person seems to be the common friend of the both but a trouble maker, it is better to avoid discussing any key issues before him. And getting rid of him immediately would also be a risky and dangerous move as he may get offended for no reason. It is better to leave from the place so that he would also leave along with them and thus the problem can be solved.
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