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    Oh God, Why me? Not me again!

    As humans when we win an accolade or a prize, we are so happy, we thanks our parents, family, teachers etc. The same when we are faced with a difficulty, lose a job, fall ill or suffer a loss or a broken heart we always ask the universal questions. Oh God why me ?, Oh Lord Not me again!

    It is times like these wherein the answer is not easy to get and neither should be go looking for it.
    Instead, we should focus on getting spiritual support from the Almighty, emotional support from family members and a helping hand from well-wishers. These are testing times that test our very faith in existence and life to the maximum. But when this passes, the answers may or may not be obvious but Life has made us stronger and more resilient.

    Even the darkest night has to give way to the brilliant sunlight the next day morning.
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    What I always advise my friends and well wishers that when we are ready to embrace the good moments of life, we should also be ready to accept the challenges and sad moves in life so that intricacies of understanding the problem and getting into the problem solving mode can be reached and achieved. Normally we wont share the success achieved by us as others may get jealous above progress. At the same time we are ready to share the sorrow part of life as if others are going to reach out. But we believe that we wont be bothered now and then if the sad stories are revealed to the probable help seekers.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When there is a darkness only you can understand the importance of light. If no darkness no value for light. A life of a human being is also a mix of achievements and failures, success and defeats, happiness and sorrowfulness. It is inevitable that we have to face some difficulties also. So for these problems, we should not worry. We should also take them positively and should try to overcome the obstacles. Then you will have the taste of success. If everytime you have success you don't have the taste of it. If your success is hard earned then you will have the taste of it. So don't get dejected by problems and obstacles. It is not wise to think that the God is teaching us. He is making us ready to face different situations.That will give you a lot of self-confidence and positive thinking.
    always confident

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    I like your thread and can understand the things behind this thread. There are occasions and reasons to ask Oh God! Why me? Not me again.

    No life without Sun

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    Life is a journey where good and bad moments will be encountered time and again. Our reaction to them will be spontaneous and we will enjoy the success and will be sad on our defeats. It is human nature.

    The author has very brilliantly mentioned in his thread that we should not be feeling defeated at any moment because it will be short lived and good times will come up soon. The philosophy of life is like that. Never repent on what has happened. Simply move forward with determination and zeal and hope that good things are bound to be there in future.
    It is the forgetting the past and hope for good future that keeps a man alive and energetic in his pursuits.

    Knowledge is power.

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