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    Are we living the life to full extent ?

    During the toddlers age we are free bird and with learning spree
    but wont know the preference in life as many things we get free
    Mother would guide us and father would pamper at length
    and we just live on their strength not exploring our mind in depth.

    Then comes teenage, which was full of challenges and pressure
    Mother wont understand and father also gets irritated for sure
    We may have many things in mind, our wants would be varied
    Yet again we wont have the guts to open up and keep sullied.

    And now we are grown up and having with us our life partner
    Our responsibility multiplies but our fear of living to full extent falter
    And added to that children keep bothering us during trying times
    which irritates and some times think of resign

    The ultimate old age has come. Reclined to easy chair
    No one comes to talk as I am busy with newspaper with thoughts of dispair
    Nevertheless the life has come to end with full circle as it had its stint
    but again I fear I may not have lived the life to full extent ?
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    What is it means, living to the full extent. A person born with a golden spoon in the mouth will have everything at his footsteps. he plays, dances and drinks. he doesn't bother about education, marks, seats in higher courses. His money will purchase everything. He will go with his parents and will understand how to make more money. He will become independent. He will run the business. He will double the assets. he will mary, get children so on so forth. When we look at him we feel he is the luckiest human being on the earth. The cycle will follow. He will become old. His son will take over. If put a question to that person asking him whether he enjoyed his and whether he lived to the full extent, he will reply no. That means there is no satisfaction. I might have had my young age for another 20 years, I might have Prime Minister of this country, I might have become the richest man on the earth. This is what dissatisfaction. Always we compare with others and we feel we have not lived to the full extent. Be happy with what you have and feel contended with God has given. Then we will definitely feel that we have lived our full life. Be positive and be satisfied. That will give a wholeness to your life.
    always confident

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    It would take many lives to live life to the full extent. There is so much to do and see, that analytically it's impossible to live to the full extent.

    Back to practicality, to what extent we have led our lives depends on our outlook, there are many who have not ventured beyond 100 miles of their birthplace, there are many who haven't seen the inside of an aircraft. So, we need to answer 'what's life first and then assess to what extent we have led our lives'.

    You have nicely summed up the life of a man from a child to a retired life. The life of a man (and or a woman) starts with crying out loudly so that everyone around knows that we have arrived on mother earth and we continue to cry with joy and sorrow as we grow-up, get married, have our own children, once we retire, there would be many times when people cry in silence as old memories and new difficulties face them in the fag end of their lives. Once we depart, the lucky and blessed will have a few around them who will cry genuinely.

    So, to me, if you have been an honourable parent, a loving spouse, a dutiful child and a good friend, helped a few fellow humans along, not harmed many and cried in joy many times and sorrow a few times, then you've lived your life. You may not be born rich or lived in luxury but if have nourished self-respect, integrity and dignity that's hard to find these days, then certainly you've lived your life full.

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