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    New year celebration poor vs. affluent

    Do you think that being a constitutional socialist country there should be a wide divide between people who are poor and cannot meet their both ends at day to day level and those who are as affluent as getting to influence governments by duping people?
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    Certainly not, the truth is, in many sectors across both vertically and horizontally we are strangled by opportunistic and deceptive class of people who have made the gap almost unbridgable.

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    For the poor when they get two square meals a day, that day would be new year, festival and great celebrations. For the poor who is a daily wage earner and if he even gets the wages without cuts and bargaining , that day would be the new year and day of celebration. On the other hand affluent people have the compulsion to take pledge and make resolution for the new year which is not a compulsion on the part of poor. And the money spent on new year eve bashes and on the new year would run into several thousands with which a poor can live for whole year with two square meals daily.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In our country as the years passes on the gap between the poor and the rich is increasing. Money is getting accumulated in certain places and not visible in some places. What may be the reason. Don't say it is the destiny and God is responsible for this. This argument will not stand here. The methods and policies of the government and the Beaurecrauts is making the difference. A poor man has to strive the whole day for getting sufficient food for his family. A rich man has to go in a car for 6 Kms and have a walk of 5 Kms to get the eaten food digested. The money gets multiplied for a rich man and money get diminished for a poor man. A poor man's pledge will be always to fulfil his family's food requirements and the pledge for the Richman will be to improve their reserves. This gap is to be brought down. The financial experts and financial decision-makers of the country should sit together and come out with a method for the same.

    always confident

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