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    Lets find some positive developments in our country

    We have a habit of finding faults and mistakes in our country, its people. We fight with each other religiously or even on multiple ways. Let's be good human beings and try and find the positive things that have happened so far, making a good position among our neighbours.
    The most important change that I have been noticing is the construction and running of metro trains in major states of the country, that has caused our people to travel easily and with appropriate price for it. Living has become much easier from the expansion of metros in maximum areas of our country.
    Another change is people are getting more aware of air pollution and as seen in the news supreme court banning the crackers in the capital Delhi. Also, it was noticed, people supported it and played much fewer crackers this time. This saved Delhi from the heavy layer of Smog and level of pollution really decreased that day. Government is still working to implement techniques to purify the air.

    In the field of education, children from rural areas have been imparted with appropriate elementary education and also being given admissions in good schools of the area.

    We have made great progress in science and technology, there is a good amount of development in rural areas by providing the improved and easy resources for irrigation.

    What more can be added on this?
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    The major development what I could see in the mind set of our people in the recent years that we have developed the patience to utmost level and going along with the government policies on demonetization, increase of petrol on daily basis. Yes there is certainly development about Metro trains as Hyderabad is going to witness the Inauguration of biggest ever metro rail project which would be thrown open to public on 23rd of Nov this year. Hope with this commencement the traffic woes and destination reaching time of many people would reduce drastically. Another positive development which I noticed in Telangana that under Mission Kakatiya the government has created so many new lakes so that the rain waters get stored for drinking and agriculture use and thanks to rain God , as this time we had copious rains continuously for fifteen days and all the lakes and rivers were filled to full.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The development of a country should always be inclusive. Metros, awareness of air pollution are very good developments. The gap between the rich and poor in our country is enormous. More than 50% of the wealth is in the hands of few thousand people. We cannot make all the poor into rich. The poor should be made capable to earn their basic needs like food, health, education and shelter. This can only be done by improving the employability. Then only the true development of the country can be achieved. Fighting with each other on the religious basis or otherwise, will gradually get eradicated with the inclusive development of the country.
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    There are and there should be many positive developments in our country as we need it and we are billed heavily for it for many years more than I can remember.
    All these developments are necessary and will continue. The problem that really needs to be addressed is or questions that need to be answered are

    1.Are developments in line with what the people really need?
    2.Are these developments the best practical option?
    3.Are we keeping environment and green cover in mind?
    4.What is the cost to the exchequer and how much has 'gone with the wind'' instead of actually being used?

    The country is littered with examples of corruption in the name of development, ill-conceived absolutely useless flyovers that have helped no one but the people who pushed for it.

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    There are developments which happened in our countey which we can be proud of.
    1. Indian constitution is being increasingly coming under debate due to various reasons. This must be encouraged among Indian masses. With issues lile Article 370, NJAC, RTE, Land rehabilitation bill, etc. The debates are increasing the awareness of people.
    2. SAARC Satellite is the best example of how far we have developed. While we use ISRO reaources to to give Satellite cost free to our neighbours they do not even have transponders to use them and are again dependent on India.
    3. India has shown consistent growth in recent years in midst of crisis. This can be attributed to strong fundamentals of Indian economy.
    4. India's fast emerging Medical tourism helping diplomach to some extent.
    5. India's inherent capabity is being increasingly attributes to aucces of recent large scale mission mode projects.
    6. India has effectively developed against several vaccine curable diseases like Polio, Measles, Diptheria etc.
    7. In global scale India is fast emerging as a source FDI to African nations from being a largley FDI recepient a few years ago.
    8. Women issues are getting increased awareness at societal and family level though after terrible incidents.
    9. Apeal of traditional ways of living are getting increased awareness.
    The above a a few but of course some after huge cost.

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    The positive developments I am seeing these days are,
    1. National Highways are very nice and people are preferring to go by this road, even though they have to pay the toll.
    2. No big scams at the highest level of Government.
    3. Many people at least in cities and towns talking about the importance of environment protection. It has to go to the next stage of implementing their talks.
    4.The number of smokers and no of TV serial viewers are coming down.
    5. Cash transactions are coming down and online transactions are going up.
    But as opined by KVRR the gap between the Rich and The poor is increasing. The rich are becoming very rich and the poor are becoming very poor. This s to be stopped and the gap should be brought down.
    Still, many officers from the government sector and some politicians are not gone away from the system of bribes. A serious thought is to be given and some serious actions are to be taken to stop these practices.
    The system of reservations by caste base or religion base are to be relooked. They should be linked with the financial aspect of the people who are getting benefitted by this reservation.

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    Thank you so much all for the responses. All your responses contribute a lot to my learning. Leaning in simple and easy words.
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    This is to counter Dr Rao 's assumption that there is no major scam reported so far. When there is no strong opposition against the present government, nothing could come to light. However when Congress comes to power in future, they would certainly dig the projects and big schemes initiated by Modi government and would find out scams later.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The progress and development of a country depends on the top leadership that how they are charting out the policies and schemes. Presently there are many fronts in which ambitious plans are being rolled out day by day. We have to see how many of these are really implemented properly.

    The Govt machinery is the most important par for implementing the new ideas. If they do not cooperate and abide by the directions coming from top then we will remain in the miserable conditions forever. In this scenario the role of middle management is of utmost importance because they are the people who have to work a lot along with their team to harness the fruits of good planning.

    There is definitely a change perceptible in general masses for the overall development of the country. There are many bad elements in society which are being nabbed by the authorities now only, though they were existing there for a long time.

    So definitely many good things are visible as already mentioned by other members and more are on the anvil.

    Knowledge is power.

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    #612648, #612692 'cost', 'leadership and middle management'

    The above two are very important for India Many good things have been done, are ongoing and we can perform better if there are accountability and transparency. There should be a fundamental change in the way politicians approach development.

    Currently, its common fact that what one does is quickly scrapped or changed when that one goes out of power. Currently, any programmes for Indian development goes via the Government bashing vs Opposition bashing mode to remain or come to power. This should change to a healthy debate based on accountability, transparency and need of the hour. Then we can achieve much more.

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    The growth of India from the shambles left by the British (not forgetting the positives again) to what she is now is something we need to acknowledge and be proud about. We need not and cannot compare ourselves with Japan or some other country, but we have come a long way despite all the diversities. Agreed that we may still be lacking in some of the very basic areas like poverty, unemployment, disparity between the rich and the poor etc but then I think it is all part of the game.
    I agree with Natarajan that development activities should be taken up keeping our common man in mind. I am not criticizing, but I would like to take the example of bullet trains proposed by the present government in this connection. Do we actually need it? I don't think so. Why can't we utilize that amount for some welfare activities? There are still many areas like corruption, practical utilization of funds and doing away with middlemen etc that need to be sorted and we may still have a long way to go (only when compared with developed countries) but we need to accept the positive aspects of our growth while at the same time being aware of and focusing on the key points which need more attention.

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    The major development what I have felt is in infrastructure development. Many better road have come and the old ones are repaired, even though not fully. Bridges, traffic signals etc are there. Metro is another development, this helps to reduce the traffic and makes peoples life much easier. Another area where I felt there is development is in the education sector. More and more schools with better amenities are there. Also not only the state or central syllabus but other curriculums are also been provided. The technological advancement and internet connections, mobile phones etc are a development. Earlier there used to be a single land phone in a particular area, and all people used to depend on that. The telephone booths are hardly found now. When it comes to media, we have many channels now broadcasting live telecasts, news etc which keeps us updated. There are more number of firms in the country, even female entrepreneurs are coming up with new projects. MNCs are ready to invest in India. Also, in the field of weapons, rockets, science and satellites we have developed.
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    There is one right thing to say, as Mr. Umesh has pointed out, the middle-class people are the ones who have to face to the maximum. But, all the more, everyone nicely pointed out the positive developments that have happened so far in our country.
    Do what inspires you !!

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