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    Linking Aadhaar number to bank accounts and mobile phone service mandatory or not - real facts

    There seem to be constant contradictory media reports about whether or not to link the Aadhaar number to the bank account & to the mobile number. Does anybody know for surety and can provided any official statement source?

    What are the true facts for -
    1. Should Aadhaar be linked to a Savings account? (my bank said yes, by 31st December I need to do so.)
    2. Should Aadhaar be linked to a Current account? (no idea about this myself)
    3. Should Aadhaar be linked to a PPF account (my bank said they had not received any official notification about this.)
    4. Should Aadhaar be linked to a Demat account (bank staff handling Demat accounts were not around when I visited the branch.)
    5. Should Aadhaar be linked to a mobile number (there was a queue of people submitting it at a nearby mobile service's outlet, but some time back I had seen a media report that we have till February to do this and not December-end as was stated earlier. There is also, I think, a court petition on this.)

    Please put the information you have as per your communications with your Bank or as per any official source you are aware of. Also, did you face any issues with the Aadhaar linking? Share your experience, too, here.
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    As far as I know, linling of AADHAR number is not mandatory. The Supreme Court has given a direction very recently. However, it is always desirable that the AADHAR number is linked with Bank Account to avail the benefits of various Government schemes.

    So far as linking AADHAR number with mobile number is concerned, it is not mandatory. I have not done this till now.

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    What I understand that when ever a department or organization concerned with government services demands linking of Aadhaar with their account, it can be obliged, otherwise keeping quiet is good.
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    The government is telling that linking of Aadhaar card with the account is mandatory. The banks are insisting for the same and are not opening new accounts without having an Aadhaar card number. But I feel if we link AAdhar with Bank account it will be good. Once you give author card to your bank all your accounts will get updated with this number including Demat account. I have all my accounts with HDFC. He has taken my author number and updated. AUtomatically all my accounts with the bank got updated.
    Linking Aadhar Card with the mobile operator is not mandatory. But these days they are insisting the new customers give the copy of AAdhaar.

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