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    Which are your favourite features or tools at

    Let's make a general survey on your favourite features at ISC. I have initiated a separate thread on the usefulness of the tool which enables us to recalculate our earnings. Are there any other specific features / tools that you love?

    Name any two of your favourites in this thread, sharing your experience on using them and why it is in your all-time favourites' list! Mention each of them in a separate response. If the recalculation tool is one of your favourites, then just mention it, but give details of why in the other thread only, not repeating it here in this thread, and talk about the other favourite feature only.

    You are also welcome to give ideas for a feature or tool.
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    My favorite liking and good feature of this site is the dash board of every member. Either too the details of our contributions were visible to others and now the author alone reach the dash board and see for the whole lots of information concerned to his working with this site.
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    I like the top performer feature of ISC through which we can see the top performer of the day, of week, of 30 days, of the month and of a year. We can compare ourselves and motivate to work hard at ISC.
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    My preference goes to top performer list. That will motivate many to work on for more time to improve the tally of points. We will also know how much more we have to score to come on the list and what is the difference in points from the last candidate of the list from our points. Is there any chance to improve and appear in the list. Then comes the dashboard, to see our latest tally of points and earnings. I also like help topics. All topics were discussed and if one goes through this list he will get the complete idea of the channel. The systems of sending alerts are not very perfect. Sometimes we will get two alerts for the same post and sometimes there is no alert for some posts.
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    I like my recent posts and posts from everyone, I find the common members who respond to the forum thread promptly and then add my views.
    Secondly, I like the top contributor's list every time I log in, it's just the image of seeing members cross 100 a day quickly moving score based on the forum and resources responses alone is very satisfying and encouraging. It makes me think and try harder to post meaningful replies to all the forum and resource threads.

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    I do not use most of the features available. I am not sure whether I know all features available also.

    Initially I was very much liking and using (now extinct) feature 'Archives'. Digging into the archives was my favourite pastime in the initial days. That gave me much knowledge and aided in references in my posts.

    Another tool I make use of is 'Search".

    I very rarely visit other's profile page and almost never see others score page. It is only when I want to send a message on some matter or when I find some special streak in a new member's post that I visit the member's profile page. But once in a while I visit the points page by clicking'more' under the 'top contributors' on the right side of page. That will give me a rough idea of who is active and trending. I find that easy to navigate.

    Of course "My alerts' is a also a very frequently and regularly used tool by me.

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    I would like to mention only one tool. It is the "Selected as best answer". But it has lost its charm and not being used by the members as well editors. If the author fails to select, editors should do the job.
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    #612695: agree with you, many threads go without the best answer tag, maybe because we lose interest, the thread is more than a few days old, Sometimes the thread get 1-2 responses and the author has no incentive to read and click the best answer tool. Maybe an incentive of 1 point for selecting a good acceptable answer would motivate the thread author to go back and then select one.

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