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    Is there a feature that is essential to but missing at

    ISC has grown and developed along the way in terms of not just contributions, but also user-friendly features and useful tools. Some of the features that have been introduced at ISC have been at the suggestions of members. Other suggestions may not have been accepted due to it not being technically feasible or not really required (such as the recent suggestion for a chat system).

    Have you had some Eureka moment wherein you thought something needs to be added, as being essential to ISC's development? (Don't suggest a mobile app as that has been recommended earlier, but not feasible as yet.)

    Note: I have posted three threads today related to ISC features as these are inter-related and we can talk about them in their individual context.
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    As every one of us equally famous on social media pages, can we have the share button of Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Youtube being reachable with a click so that our sharing also appear there.
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    Providing share button of some important social media sites is welcome. That will give a good advantage to the members as well as the site also.
    In the ask, the expert answers giving points automatically basing on the length is also to be studied. Here many times the points will get reduced. The CC s awarded are also less. Keeping the evaluation system by the concerned, can we have a more reliable way of allotting points immediately to these answers. So that there will not be many deviations between points before checking and points after checking. This one point is always bothering me.

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    Posting of the social site needs attractive pictures and photo's. To add to the articles and other postings some suitable pictures from ISC store which prevent Copyright violation are needed which makes our postings more attractive. I think this one interesting feature is missing in ISC site.

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    The ISC website is good with accessibility so far for discussions and expert answers that I've seen in the last couple of months.
    Few Suggestions ( if felt worthwhile, admin can look it, if not please ignore)

    1. My recent posts and posts from everyone. Can we have a drop-down menu on posts from everyone so that we can filter the topics that we don't want to see and at the same time don't miss out the topics that we are interested in.
    For instance, I have no interest in jobs but have to scroll through the entire list to find forum and expert answers.

    2.Cash credits for forums, on what criteria do we decide on the cc for forum threads.
    Forum political and nationalism threads always have many replies but the others often don't get many replies. I think each thread need at least around 5 replies to keep the interest active, otherwise, it'll become an exercise to just get the basic points.

    For instance
    Have you noticed the Elephant in the room? (about unresolved issues that hinder relationships)
    Organ donation: Can we learn from the West? (educative thread about social awareness regarding organ donation)
    These two threads are good in my view, if we give cash credits to the replies, that would encourage people to reply more regularly.

    3. Invited articles. The article section is good, there would be members who are experts in their own fields base on their work experience or qualifications. If you have an invited article from experts (like they have in many journals), then people would be more interested to read it.

    For instance qualified educational member/teacher - ISCE or CBSE for X students. Career prospects in the specific fields ( these keep changing, so can be reviewed or updated). Individual financial investments or planning by members with good finanical sector expereince

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    There are many useful and interesting features of ISC. I read many good articles. The discussion in Forum section is excellent and interesting. Many Members seem to be experts in computers and mobile phones and their knowledge is evident in the Ask Expert section.

    But let me tell the difficulties also,. As I am typing, the letters (which I am typing) are becoming small. Why this is happening I don't know. The letter will become comparatively large after it is submitted. The portion which I am typing is becoming very dim. However, these problems won't be there after I press 'submit' button.

    Another issue I want to mention. The materials available in ISC are not printer-friendly.

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    Share buttons – I think these were removed to allow for natural, organic traffic to come to the site & not via social medial platforms.

    Points of Ask Expert answers getting reduced – This is the case with other sections as well, where the quality and to the point info is considered.

    Storehouse of photos – If any member wishes to use a photo submitted by a member, it can be done, I think, by locating it through the search box and then downloading it on one's comp, then using it for the article, with due credit to the member who submitted it at ISC. Perhaps an embed HTML feature would cut down this process?

    Drop-down menu for posts from everyone – Suggestion will be put forward to the Webmasters.

    CC for forum answers – Yes, we need to give cc for good responses, but this should not be the criteria for members to be active in the thread. Members generally participate in a thread out of interest in the topic and if they have something concrete related to it to opine on. It should not be the case that, on seeing cc being given in a thread, members suddenly show fake interest in the thread and perhaps post inane responses.

    Inviting experts – Members themselves do submit articles on topics of finance, health, education, etc which are of interest to them or about which they have some knowledge & expertise. We also have had announcements by Tony Sir, inviting good authors to contribute for certain content. So those who are interested can always express their interest to Tony Sir through a message to him and they may get specific topics assigned to them as and when such requirements arise.

    Small font – When typing, you could use Ctrl key + plus symbol key (simultaneously hitting these 2 keys) so that at least what you type is visible to you in a larger size. The 'dim' factor is because the default font colour is grey when typing in the box. I think we can request the Webmasters to change it to a darker shade.

    Printer-friendly version will be suggested to the Webmasters.

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    Can we have a poll, wherein individual members can vote and accordingly the winners for a contest like creative writing contests can be selected. I feel this will avoid people questioning the basis of selecting a winner. Recently in the Diwali creative contest, I saw comments of certain members who thought the prize can be given to some others as well and hence I thought of this. I am not saying this is feasible in every contest because in some places knowledge is also required and hence only editors can decide the winner. But when it is a story, everyone can read and vote for the best writer according to them. The editor can finally view all these and take a decision considering other factors as well.
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    Ms. Vandana (#613206): Prima-facie, your suggestion of using Ctrl key + plus symbol key is unfortunately not working.

    Nevertheless, I will again try it tomorrow at the time of posting article response.

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