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    Why do people prefer to go for films even now?

    Ever wondered why people go to theaters with so much online content available? Looking out for the deeper reasons for this eagerness to do so? Give your suggestions and get a deeper understanding of why still people go to the theaters.

    When all sorts of entertainment now are coming handy on your fingertips and that too free of cost, why do people still prefer to go to the theatre to see films? For instance there is YouTube, video and other channels. There are lakhs of channels itself on each of the platforms. The oft repeated general answer is the wholesome experience of cinema that it provides. However, even YouTube etc. can now be connected to your big fancy TVs or your home theatre etc. What are the other deeper reasons?
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    The experience of a Movie seeing in a theatre is entirely different. A big screen, Very good sound effects will give a different experience for people if they watch the movie in a theatre. New movies are not available on TV or youtube. CDs made without a proper licence are not supposed to be used for viewing movies. That will come under piracy. So people want to enjoy the movie in a theatre where you can concentrate more on the movie without any disturbance. When you see the movie in the house lot of disturbances will be there
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    Good question posed by the author. Watching film at the theater has the wholesome experience which cannot be compared to anything. First being we are with the crowd which hoots, whistles and shouts for good scenes and fights and that cannot be present when we watch alone online. Movies has to be watched with families and friends, so that every scene can be enjoyed and made comments there upon inviting participation from theater crowd. For some people first day first show would be target and that may enhance their spending spree as the tickets would be costly and sometimes they may go for black market ticket. And watching the movie in theater on the big screen brings you lively scenes in big size and that sometimes give the feeling that the character is roaming around us with us. That much deep involvement would be there.
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    Watching movies, is a good option to kill time in a good way. Some people prefer watching movies at the theatres itself, because they get to see the movie as soon s it is released and also they get the advantage of seeing it in large screen with proper sound system. Also, when we are watching a movie in a theatre there is less chances of we being distracted but when at home, we will do some things in between (some people like me). To get the full feel of the movie I think it is better to watch it in theatre itself. You will get feel the pulse of the crowd as well.

    But watching every movie at the theatre is a waste of money when we have all facilities to watch it at home. We should be selective and go for the good ones. Especially when it is 3D cinemas and all, we get the real feel from the theatre only.

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    The answer is very simple. People don't like to confine themselves within four walls of our residence. So, they go out, walk in parks, go to malls for window-shopping and watch movies in cinema-halls.
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    Many of us have been to movies at the theatres, prior to the digital age, this was the part of the popular idea of relaxing or spending a Saturday or a Sunday. There are people who's day out is not complete if they haven't seen a movie and eaten out at their favourite restaurant.

    So, one the reasons that people still go to the theatres is a habit that they have been following for some time. Watching a movie in the theatre, the ambience, the sound systems, the big screen and the intervals to grab a drink and a snack are all part of a feel-good unique experience that we cannot get at home or on a widescreen TV.
    I think the time dedicated to the theatre is a good de-stressor compared to seeing a movie at home wherein you can be disturbed or be asked to engage in simple household things. For young couples or people in love or a relationship, going for a movie is a must to spend quality time seeing movie stars and dreaming about their own life along similar lines.

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    Even if all the stuff is available at home, youtube, internet everything. Still, some people prefer watching in theatres because of the environment and that movie is shown on the real big screen of the hall, with much of sound effects, which can bring reality to the film and will create more interest in watching. It is really fun , people can watch in groups of friends or colleagues, or family. Its the environment that completely changes inside a theatre.
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