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    Who is responsible for bridge collapse in Uttarakhand ?

    We all know that a Bridge collapsed at Chauraas in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. , which took six lives mostly they are labourers. What is most astonishing is that this bridge was newly constructed and thrown open to traffic after necessary clearance from all the safety and other departments. Now that the bridge has been collapsed, the blame game goes on. Normally the contractor would be held responsible as he is responsible for ensuring quality. But how can he maintain quality when he has to pay bribe from top to bottom and hence the contractor might have compromised on quality and thus the bridge collapsed ?
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    When the construction was over before making the payment, the officials concerned should get the quality checked by the concerned laboratory as per the quality plan approved. Once it is as per the specifications are given by them the payment will be released. Generally, in Government tenders, there will be a warranty period. Even though payment is made the vendor is responsible for the quality till that warranty period is over. So officially the contractor will be at the receiving end. The officials will escape. If the contractor is not making profits and incurring losses, the whole burden will come on him only. The officials will ask again bribe and try to save him from the problem by twisting the facts and bringing something odd and making the people who died as responsible for the incident. These type of practices are very common in our country. Sincere people will always suffer.
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