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    Reel life stars having Real life problems

    We look upon celebrities with awe and appeal as they are the idol/hero or actresses who are superheroes. But in real life, they are also prone to afflictions that you and I can have. Pooja Bhat is fighting alcohol issues and coming out to the open with a book. Deepika Padukone has many times narrated her fight with depression. A few actors have come clean about their drug abuse and encourage people to give up drugs.

    When reel life heroes share real-life problems on social media, interviews and books, then, they send out a positive message to the common people who can get motivated and believe that they are not alone and they too can get over it.
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    First of all let us differentiate a actor and the ordinary person. A person who has got chance to act on silver screen and from their his or her persistent actions and commitment to the job, he or she does the justice and hence becomes a Icon in making as an actor. Where as a common becomes her or his fan and keep on watching the movies and thus help her or him to survive in the Industry. Just with above difference, actors are also like we human beings. They also go through stress, emotions, challenges, discard, hatred and so on. So they are bound to be sulking or open up some time or the other before the public.
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    With the advent of media, the real problems of the reel stars are known to public and even they are also getting revealed. This post reminds me of the English lesson in third standard where the student thinks about his Headmaster and his activities after the school. He wonders whether he goes for a walk or sits in the corridor of his house with nosepicking.

    Same is the case here. We think high of the celebrities whom we think as idols but forget that they too have the problems just as you and me.


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    It is true many of the public think that these celebrities as idols. They never think that they are also normal human beings like any of us. Because of their acting skills and the talent they have they are good in acting. Taking this innocence of public many companies start using these heroes for their product promotion. It will definitely work out to the benefit of the company as well as the celebrity. Similarly, the good learnings or experiences of them, if they come and openly discuss in a forum or in radio or TV definitely public, will take promptly. Similarly, if they can open out how they have problems in their personal life and how they overcome that, it will become a good lesson to the people who feel them as their Gods. Nor a bad idea. It may give positive results also. If a great actor comes and says publicly that he was having the habit of taking drugs and the negative effects it has on his life and how he overcome that and how happy he is now, definitely it will send good lessons to the public.
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