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    Whether Mix Men's and Women's Cricket team Possible or Interesting to Vouch for?

    I was just wondering whether a full fledged Indian team under BCCI is possible where we have players cutting across the gender? I was also thinking whether it would be interesting to watch out for or embarrassing regarding the cohesion etc.? Though we already have excellent examples of mixed doubles formats in other top games like Lawn Tennis or Badminton etc. Please also mention any kind of limitation if you can think of in the mixed cricked format?
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    Why not is it possible? It is possible by all means. Probably the cricket pundits might not have thought of that. Earlier days commentators were gents only. Mandira Bedi has become an anchor for cricket matches telecast. Now we are observing some lady commentators also on the screen. Nowadays in almost all the fields, we are seeing that all genders are participating and getting rewards and awards. So we can anticipate a mixed team of all genders for cricket also. We can add one more world cup for mixed limited over matches and 20-20 mixed matches. People will enjoy and players will also enjoy as the number of matches will increase for them and can earn some extra money in their limited years' career. I feel a good thought of the author. ICC and BCCI may start working on this thought. Let us hope and wait.
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    Such trends exist in the foreign military. I have observed this being practised in the Royal Navy, where men and women represent their Ship, in team games. I know of men from the Indian Navy, on deputation to the UK, play alongside the WRENs (the Women's Royal Navy Service) in tournaments conducted between various Ships. The Indian Navy officers were part of the Commonwealth and since they were borne on board a Royal Navy Ship they also played for that ship. Cricket, football and hockey teams had both men and women.

    Another, thing that was practised was that once the men, women and officers entered the field, they stopped referring to each other as 'Sir' or by their rank. All players, no matter what their seniority and rank, were called by their first name. This of course was done to avoid confusion on the field. When you yell out to someone, calling out their name, they know it is them that you are calling. If you say Sir or a rank, no one would know who is being called.

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    Thanks @Juana for sharing the gender trends in Navy games. It's definitely one of the precedent that public has less awareness about. Kindly share any of such particular instance regarding game of cricket in general, if you find about. I am very much excited to campaign for this idea till it reaches ranks and file of BCCI. Thanks for sharing!
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    We would be giving ideas to the BCCI and the short format organisations. As mentioned by the members, it should be feasible in India too, we have teams, commentators and umpires of both genders (although female cricket empires numbers are very low). We have the IPL, 20-20 and celebrity league cricket. We have had mixed doubles in tennis and badminton.

    So we can certainly try it out in the celebrity and friendly matches and see how it works and the reaction of the public and other cricket boards. Then if feasible, then move on the formal matches. I think, this would be a way forward in keeping the interests going and also encourage gender equality (in terms of pay and representation).

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    Really nice suggestion @Natarajan. Thanks a lot for sharing. But please also share your views whether the aggressiveness and ruggedness shown on the field which is the crowd puller in case of Men's cricket Team will be tampered with or will continue to be a crowdpuller here too in this mixed format also.
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    The way reforms are taking place in the cricket in the recent past, the suggestion mooted by the author is also possible to be implemented. However cricket has been predominantly a male game and lots of politics takes place before selecting the final 12 players on the day of the match. If the author suggestion be implemented then six from women side and six from men side has to be taken. Now the real problem comes as to who would be the batsman, bowler and wicket keeper. Surely there would be tiff between the two the the decision may not be in favor of women cricket.

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