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    Gain is always better than loss

    What does the meaning of my topic tell? Of course, we all know that loss is worse, nobody wants to have it in their life. Every one of us wants to gain and learn something. We look for positivity and growth around always. Did we ever notice that a loss or a negative thought if happened will tend to stick in our mind for longer? Even if we are going good in life, if we face a sort of crisis, it seems like the life is stuck there at that moment of time. Even after that if the situation gets better, we somehow are not able to cope up much and the loss stays in our head for a longer period of time. We human beings have the tendency to not able to absorb the loss of life. We always want to gain, we cannot withstand losses. Let's take an example if we have a glass half full of water. If we assume that the glass is half empty, our mind will make an equation as a sense of loss, that the glass is only half filled. But, if we take a positive view, and we say that "Glass is half filled." The meaning of the sentence changed drastically to appear as a positive outcome. It seemed as a gain to us.

    Do not let the negative point get stuck in your head. Also, if you start and write the good that happened to you instead of remembering bad, you can make your time and experience every day as meaningful.

    So, we need to learn to find gains even in situations where we are experiencing loss. This will help us to change our mind and we will get more inclined towards the gainful aspect of it. The loss will somehow fade.
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    Good thoughts emanated from the author's mind through this post. Human beings are always attracted to the "extra' thing in their life. In this regard I wish to give example of house holds dealing with vegetable vendors and when dealing with purchasing the vegetable they tend to ask for little extra over and above the right and correct weight. Like wise those who are habituated to fetch milk from the dairy farm , there are also little extra over and above the right weight is demanded. So from these examples it is clear that we would be happy with that extra factor and gets satisfied. Obviously that extra is the gain for us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is always happy to remember and call back our movements of gains. But not the case with the losses. This is the human tendency. In my opinion, there will be definitely again even in losses also. We may be losing money but we may be gaining knowledge. We may be losing money but we may be gaining experience. We might have done a mistake but we now know the mistake and we will not repeat. The gain or loss is always how we look. By giving 5 rupees we may be getting a Kg of vegetable. The vendor will have some gain. We should not think that we have paid the excess. the vendor purchased it from someplace at a cost and taken the pains of bringing here and selling to us. In this process, he should get some money for his time and work. So that is profit for him but it is a valuable addition to us. If he sells at 6 rupees also we may purchase, thus we saved a rupee as we purchased at 5 rupees. If you think like that you will be always happy.
    As suggested by the author it is good if we keep in writing and keeping the good happened to us it will give immense happiness to us when we refer back.

    always confident

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    It is a really good thought. It reminds me of a recent conversation we had in office. Last week, me and my colleague was talking about our issues and problems in life and we were worried. In between another friend of mine who heard this joined the conversation. She asked us to be happy and to find happiness in the blessings we have, which we rarely do. She said she always thinks like that and after making it a practice, she is happy in her life. The reason why she started thinking so is her cousin's kid met with an accident which resulted in a severe head injury. The girl who is 21 yrs old is in a semi coma stage now. The situation her parents is going through is terrible. Then my friend understood the issues she has is very less when compared to her cousin's family. She then added that her kids, husbands and parents are in good health and those are actually a blessing. She just wants life to go on like this. We are always busy pin pointing our sorrows, losses etc in life and give less importance to the blessings and gains we have. Our attitude should change to lead a happy life.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    I would say, Gain is better, but the loss is also again as it gives you a chance to experience, understand and prepare better for the next time.

    As human beings, all of us will be happy with again except the weight of course! Life teaches us the stark differences in gain and a loss. If we have not suffered a loss, the first time is always the hardest, it haunts us especially if we have done our part and still success eludes us.

    As we move on, we should make it a point to yes, a loss is a loss and the unhappiness should be momentary, we should cultivate the habit than to learn from our losses.

    Masayoshi Son, a Japanese businessman lost 70 billion dollars in a single day when the dotcom bubble burst, but he never gave up, he rebuilt his empire. There are many such examples that we know of and we can learn from If you Gain its good, if you lose, it's not the end of the road, learn from it.

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