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    Have you preserved your younger day creation?

    Have you preserved your younger day creations? The question itself can take you back to the younger days. It can make you rewind and think about the small stories and poems you wrote as a kid, the songs you had recorded, your writings that had won prizes or have been published. Just go back to those younger days and share whether you still have preserved any of those creations.

    My father never (openly) appreciated my writings. We didn't have any tape-recorder in our home. So, my prize-winning recitations were not recorded. But my father always used to advise me to preserve my writings. But, as a adolescent boy and later as a college-going youth I was never serious about my writings. I used to write regularly in school-magazine, college-magazine, wall-magazines and even one or two short stories in various children's magazines. My letters to the editors in different newspapers were published occasionally. But I never bothered to preserve those writings.

    As I have been settled in Delhi for 25 years, I have almost forgotten creative writing in Bengali. Now I understand the value of my father's advice. I also insist my daughter to preserve her creations. But she feels what I used to feel during my student days. She doesn't preserve.

    Members! Have you preserved your creations of younger days?
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    Well preserving the happenings in our life is not only memorable, but also gives a sense of satisfaction on watching viewing those images and photos as we would transport ourselves to those days. What your father has advised is right. When I was young there was not much photo nor videos prevailing. But certainly I have some good records of my children and their progress. I always had the habit of preserving certain documents and papers of most important. Believe it or not I am in possession of my father's SSLC certificate, his job joining order and his marriage Invitation. Of course these were in his box and I preserved the same even today. For that matter I am having the birth certificate of myself and my child hood photo of eight months is still with me a fresh. It is good to keep previous records and memorabilia for own reference and appreciation.
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    The concept of preserving or appreciating simple acheivements of children was not very meticulous for us. Generally a prize certificate or a small cup used to stay in the shelf or display cabinet for sometime and gradually replaced by wedding photos and pictures of grandchildren.

    I do have some of my old marks cards and greeting cards exchanged.This concept changed when we got a gift on the birth of our daughter, this was a memory dairy or a folder wherein every little event from the hospital visits to the footprint to the birthday events could be filed in. Since then, we have been keeping little craft items they've made, their letters, some good drawings and most of their certificates given at school.

    I think once we do it for some time, then once a year go through it with our children, the family, on the whole, will have a lovely time.Over a period of time they'll also understand the value of their hobbies or extra-curricular activities until then we can do it for them.

    In this digital age, even a quick snap from a decent mobile phone or a digital camera and downloading in a computer would be a good way to start capturing these little achievements.

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    I think the oldest one I still possess is a picture of Richie Rich, the famous comic character, that I drew as a kid. Then I have the script of a drama, which was an adaptation of the play 'Romeo and Juliet' by Shakespeare, that I had written when I was in high school. I still have some poems and short stories that I had written as a teenager and also copies of some magazines in which my contributions had appeared.

    I think we need to preserve such creations as a treasure because as we grow up, we tend to lose some of those artistic talents that we nurture as a child or as a teenager due to different reasons. I say so because, as the time flew away, I can no longer draw pictures; it is a different issue that I may be able to if I try but then I am no longer passionate about it. The old picture helps to remind me that I had the inclination as a child.

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    My dad did it for me, very recently he opened up a suitcase to show me my childhood achievements, scribblings, report cards, certificates!

    It was nostalgic to go through each of them, each item that he picked up, he narrated a story to me and it was so nice to hear a part of my childhood which I lost somewhere in my memory but my parents do remember them.

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    I used to contribute at least one article for our school, college, University magazines. All most every year I used to contribute either in my mother tongue or English. Those magazines I used to keep in my native place. Afterwards, I have not seen those books. They should be in the almirah along with my father's books. Next time when I go there I will try to see those books. Whenever I have some time I used to go through my old photos and albums. That will remind me those days and the way we used to spend time with friends and others.
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    Yes, to a certain extent I have preserved my younger day creations. I used to draw during my school days, and I still have the originals of few of my drawings which I did when I was in school. Now it is been years, I haven't drawn anything, may be laziness together with the lack of time has added to it. But when I see those old drawings of mine, once in a while when cleaning my cupboard or so, I get a nice feel and it takes back me to those days. During my college days I used to write poems, I misplaced some of them as I used to scribble it down in my notebooks. But some of them I have saved and have later included it in my blog. Also, I still have kept the paper cut from a magazine, wherein my first poem was published.

    I suggest even if your daughter is not preserving it, it is better you preserve it for her. When I was in KG and 1st standard, for us examinations means a book wherein we have pictures to color and so on. My father still has it with him, even though not all the classes, just 2 report cards (books) one when I was in Kg and the other of Grade I. Now it is nice to go through it as I colored a bird half one color and the other half with another color. Also weird colors where given to the eyes of a parrot. Now it is fun showing it to my kids.

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