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    Fledglings (children) flying of the nest(home): Bag of mixed emotions

    We all long to have our own children, while they are growing up, we are busy working and time flies away. Suddenly the day comes when kids have to leave home for their post-graduation, go abroad or get married.

    The family is engulfed in a sea of emotions, happy that their loved ones are progressing in life, sad that they have to part. Each one copes differently, mothers are quietly in tears, fathers are often stoic, siblings are guardedly happy as they don't want to or a little young to show their emotions.

    How do we as parents prepare us for the 'empty nest syndrome', this is happening a good few years earlier than in the earlier generation.
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    Empty nest syndrome refers to feelings of depression, sadness, or grief experienced by parents after children come of age and leave their childhood homes. I experienced twice in my life so far. I have two sons no daughters. My elder son in the IVth year of Engineering. He attended a campus selection process and got selected in IBM. They gave him posting to Bangalore. Till then my son is with us only. All his education is in Hyderabad only. Immediately after the exams before even getting the results, he has to report to duty at Bangalore. I and my wife experienced this syndrome for the first time. We are lucky he is back to Hyderabad by getting a posting in Infosys after 21/2 years. We were staying together.My second son is in 4th year engineering. He attended the campus interview and got selected in HCL technologies. Soon after his exams are over he has to leave to Bangalore where he got the posting. For the second time, we had that syndrome. But fortunately, he also shifted to Hyderabad after 2 1/2 years to TCS Hyderabad. Now we are all staying together. Both of them got married. Two days back my first son became the father to a female child and a new family member added. Now we are 7 in our family.
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    It is really a sad moment when we have to part with our children or parents. When staying in hostel, if it is nearby, we will be happy that at least during weekends we can home and parents will also be happy to see children's home. But when we are in a different country for studies or after marriage, it is difficult for us to go back home as and when we feel like. Parents will miss the kids and vice versa too. I do not know how we have to undergo this situation, but time is the biggest healer. We need to keep in mind that it is for their good so we will have to sacrifice our happiness. My kids are small so I have not faced the situation of staying away from them but I am staying away from my parents, even though it is been years and I visit them twice every year, I still feel lonely or want to be with them. I am sure they will also be feeling the same. It is life and life has to keep going.

    Let God give courage to all those who have to undergo this situation in life.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    612719: real experience of sadness or grief as a parent but lucky that they are back with you and you are back together again. 612730,good point that it can happen either way, even children miss their parents probably daughters more than sons in most cases.

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