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    Do you support Reservations in Sports.

    All these days I am of the opinion that there should not be any consideration about the caste, creed and religion of the player for getting selected for national level and international level tours and competitions. I thought the selection will be purely on the basis of their performance and track record. But today in a newspaper I read that an ex IPS officer raised a question that why in the present cricket team of India there is no representation of Muslims? This question was raised to BCCI by him. Now I fear this will be a starting point to create reservations in the selection of players also. Today in the newspaper I have seen that Mr.Mahammad Siraj got selected for two test matches with Srilanka in the next month.
    My opinion in this is the selection should be on the merits of the Individual but not by any other points. I like to know the opinion of the members in this regard.
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    I am a person who is strongly against any kind of reservation in any field. The reservation for getting government sector jobs pisses me off whenever I think about it. The eligible and talents candidate should be given a chance, be it a job or sports. I don't understand the need of having reservation in sports. It is a game where your talent matters more, not your color, creed, caste or religion. Only a person who has interest and the caliber to perform can do well in sports. We are always ready to accept people from any religion or caste as players if they are talented and has the ability to perform well. If a particular community is not coming forward then it is their issue and because of that I don't see the need for providing reservation. It just helps to segregate people based on cast and religion. Everyone has to come through the same hardships to be a player, I don't like the act of giving preference to someone (be it any religion) so that they can easily get into a team. It is high time we remove the caste and religion based reservations from our country. I can understand if reservation is given on the basis of financial ability of a person.
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    The reservation system was thought by the post independence Govt of India to help and up bring the poor and downtrodden who were neglected by the society due to then prevalent caste system.

    The idea was accepted as one of the finest gesture a Govt can take for its backward people. Whether this was a reservation in studies, jobs, sports or any other area was a secondary point at that time.

    Unfortunately the whole gamut of reservation was exploited by some selfish politicians and issue was distorted beyond proportion. The most burning question asked was - why reservation for the children of a person who has already taken this benefit and has reached in the top level of the society.

    So seeing the failure of reservation system in the long run it seems that there should not be any reservation on the basis of cast and creed. If at all Govt wants to uplift the poor then economically backward class can be considered for one time benefits.

    Eventually I am inclined to conclude that there should not be any reservation for sports also.

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    The reservation policy of the government would be followed in every department. BCCI may be separate entity to conduct and organize cricket matches. And no way it can work independently without the interference of the Union government as its every earning and funding is being closely monitored. In that case creating place for Muslim players is also compulsion on the part of the board, though many eligible young cricketers are vying to occupy the chance for at least once. So we should not be surprised if the reservation policy is followed even in the sports like cricket and other fields.
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    Reservation policy in many sectors of the Indian system has been a major contributor to brain-drain, slow development and empty coffers. The hardworking GM quota has to put in a lot of their efforts only to realise that at crucial entry points (professional course, job selection, promotion and benefits), in the name of reservation, people far less deserving are far ahead in the game with many points even before the race starts.

    In India, it's high time we should move away from this system be it sports, education or employment. Given them the benefits, if they are living in remote areas without facilities but have aspirations and talent, give them the benefit if they deserve but are below the poverty line. But in the name of caste and religion, don't keep doling out perks and then eat into the chances of the the main stream candidates.

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    Reservation based on caste and creeds be it in sports or academics, as majority opines, even I am totally against it. Due to the reservation, many deserving candidates have lost their chance to enter into their field of interest.

    Reservation on one side, there is partiality state wise as well, if you are a not a localite of a particular state and if you don't have the domicile certificate you end up paying double the fees as if the reservation was not enough to discriminate against deserving candidates.

    I dream of an India, where education is free and searchable to every student irrespective of caste, age, gender, religion after which they can choose the field that interests them without any reservation. When this generation is brought up and capable they can wean for the upcoming generation for the better education.

    Back to the original thread, there should not be reservation system for sports, deserving hardworking candidates should be given opportunity.

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    Reservation has been introduced in order to get employment to the members of certain groups who are otherwise denied of jobs in the public sector. History is giving evidence how these groups could not get prportinate representation in jobs. Culturally also they were not competent to come up
    So a push had to be given in the beginning. But there is some doubt regarding the continuance of this type of reservation indefinitely.
    At the same time, sports area must be for competent people. No reservation should be allowed to come into sports area.

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    I don't support caste-based reservation. I think that this system is killing merits. Having said this, I would like to state that so far as sports is concerned, fortunately there is no concept of caste, region or religion-based reservation. But if we collect and analyse the data, we will find that the percentages of SCs/STs and OBCs representing India in different sports disciplines are more than the stipulated 15%, 7.5% and 27%, respectively.
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    #612759,#612772: agreed, we may have needed reservation after independence to help certain groups of people. But why still continue it now. We should be surprised if we have a major reservation for caste and religion because I don't think caste plays a role in India winning when these sportsmen and women wear the Indian badge and play for our tricolour. Its sheer talent, skill and hard work that will enable them to perform, not caste.

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    Sports is a purely performance based field and I don't think there would be any attempt from any quarters to introduce reservation system in that field. I don't understand how an ex-IPS officer could put up such a proposal and would like to tell you that the inclusion of Muhammad Siraj in the Indian cricket team is a mere coincidence and has got nothing to do with the proposal. Selection to State and National teams, of any sport or game, can only be purely based on consistent performance and on no other ground. I am not ruling out the possibility of priorities being accorded on regional or religion base when they have an option with two equally talented people, but then those are rare instances and we need not unnecessarily bother about the same.
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    We must strongly discourage even mentioning such issue. I simply don't understand how such a mentally disbalanced man could become an IPS officer. However, Harbhajan Singh gave him a befitting reply in Twitter.

    Such mentally disbalanced man is the cynosure of eyes of liberals.

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    I do not support reservation, not one that on based on caste, religion, state etc. However, we are a nation where caste is a big issue. People from a 'lower' caste, are often marginalized. Today's newspaper carries a report of a Dalit woman, 9-months pregnant, was brutally beaten for 'contaminating' a garbage bin. She died of internal head injuries and her baby too did not survive. Where there is such a wide divide, reservation is needed to uplift those who have fewer opportunities.

    Coming to the case under discussion, I do not think reservation has any place in the sports arena. Sheer talent gets you into the team, though 'favouritism' may exist.

    Suggesting that Mohammed Siraj's inclusion in the team is a result of 'reservation' is in very poor taste. Can we, the literate, not follow a one-track mind? It not only questions the talent and ability of the player but also casts aspersions on the selectors.

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    I never said in my post that the selection of Mr.Mahammad Siraj is on caste basis. Just I have mentioned that to say that there is no bias towards a particular caste for selection. I don't think that giving reservations to some backward classes will stop the unwanted incidents like brutally beating a lady. The attitude of the people should change. But this policy of reservations is increasing the gap and increasing the enmity among different castes.
    Mr.Haribhajan Singh has given a fitting reply to the ex IPS.

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