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    Be in touch and attend to those who are near to you. Those who reside farther shall also come back

    We have relations and friends who may stay near to our house or very far or even out of countries. It must be our express duty to attend and reach out to those who are very near and dear to us. And this action from us would send positive signals to others who were residing far off or even out of countries and they may try to connect with us. One thing is sure once the bonding takes place, then that would be forever relation and that cannot be curtailed nor discarded. Do you agree with this view expressed here in ?
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    Connecting to people and keeping contacts is always better. Saying hello to neighbours once in a while, sending daily at least one WhatsApp message to all the near and dear will keep the contacts alive. When we talk to them and message them the other people also get interested and start sending messages and talking. This will improve bonding with each other and makes the distances short. Many a times we feel that we are getting lost in our busy schedule. But in between if we can make in 5 minutes and call a friend and talk to him, we will get relaxed and we will get charged again start working with more vigour and energy. These days we all got habituatedto WhatsApp messages. It is really gives lots of relaxation when your mind got heated up with problems, if you just see the messages and laugh loudly. Really it is not waste of time but gain of energy. Keep contacts alive, have friends and enjoy the life.
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    Agree with you, sir. As humans, however advanced we are, we still love to hear from our relatives and extended families. This is even more important now because many of the younger generation are nuclear families. A personal visit would be ideal but even a quick regular phone call to enquire would be appreciated. We should reach out to friends and families without discrimination, without false pretence or be excepting anything in return.
    As we move on in life, we learn to assess 'relatives' and 'friends' who drop out of the blue to milk out a favour that we can do based on our social or economic situation. Lastly, true bonding shows up and true relatives and friends are those who rally around us when we are in trouble, an illness, a financial loss, or a stroke of misfortune. Such times also reflect whether we were good and kind enough to cultivate such relationships.

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    Even if it is not your relative or friend who stays next door, always keep good contact with your neighbors, because they will be the first one to approach in case of an emergency. This is what I feel. Keeping connections will all your friends and family members is good but it should not be done by ignoring the person who stays at your next door.
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