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    Time and chance never wait for us.

    We very often ' miss the bus'. Why? Because of our own faults. Laziness very often kill our time without our knowledge. In fact what is life? It is a span of Time, an interval. Unless this short span is not made use of in an useful and successful manner it become a waste. So ones life become successful only if the time and chances are made use of in a proper manner. Don' t postpone anything if it can be done then and there. Make use of the chances occurring them and there.
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    Time, such a simple dynamic concept, the ticking of the clock, so simple yet so underestimated that many of us don't know the value of it until we pay a price and learn the hard way. By the time kids realise, the time has flown and exams have come, by the time graduates realise, the date for project submission is on them; before we realise, it's already a month gone and the next due date for the EMI crops up. This is how time flies in real life, we need to be aware of it all the time and utilise it to the best of our ability when we can. When faced with anything in life a decision, a task at hand, a project to be started and completed, a marriage or an event to happen, there are many unknown factors in play except one. The exception is that time is ticking along. Many of us wish that we were lucky enough to get a job, a decent life etc, instead of luck we should wish for chances and we should be prepared for changes that come by and take it before someone else takes it or it's gone forever. We should remeber these ourselves and teach our children about the value of time and chance or opportunity.

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    Good advise from the author. Some times we may be postponing the things for the better time and prospects, but that opportunity which knocked at our door is lost and never comes again. Time is precious. Those who cared the essence of time were always the winner. And those who availed the chances which came in their way are enjoying the fruits of their labor even today. In those days the government jobs were given at the throw of hat. People believed that they have to live and serve from other states and hence they rejected the offers. Now at the ripe age they repent for that costly rejection and now they ended up working in private company with no pension or other facilities. Likewise in those days the land prices were less. Those who had the money never ventured nor taken risk to invest in land. Had they done then, today they would have been richest persons on the earth.
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    True. I know time does not wait for me as most of the days in the morning, when I hear the alarm ringing, I switch it off and will think of sleeping for another 5 minutes, but when I later open my eyes, already 30 minutes will be over instead of 5 minutes. Yea, time did not wait for me. Then I will have to rush to reach the office on time as we have punch in system. If I do not reach on time, I am giving my line manager a chance to shout at me. Also in the evening when I reach home, if I am lazy I postponed certain things to morning. But in the morning if I wake up late then I will have to rush and might end up taking my mobile or watch to office. From my own experience I know we have to do things when we have ample amount of time left in front of us rather than waiting for a future time, where you have no idea whether things will turn out the way you want. We know time and tide waits for no one, but we still are lazy at certain things and will waste the time we had.
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    A fraction of a second lost is past and can never be regained. We need to think of so many things happening around the world and in the universe in fraction of seconds to really understand the value of time. And so is the chance we get. We need to utilize opportunities as and when they come because they may not at all come again and even if the come, we may not be in a position to take advantage. So, we need give utmost importance to time and chance because once we let them go they can never be retrieved in the same form.
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    Time gone is gone for the lifetime. No way to get it back. Anyone in this entire universe is not having the capacity to make the time stagnant. So each and every nanosecond is valuable to us. So we have to plan our activities as per the schedule and we should see that the schedule will be as planned and on time. You have to wait for the train, the train will never wait for you. Every person is given the same time, same resources and same skills. But the success depends on how best you utilise your time and how well you plan your activity.
    Sometimes I feel I gained the time. If I plan an activity to complete within a time frame of 24 hours. If we can complete that task before one hour, I say I gained one hour. That all depends on our planning and execution.
    So none of us should waste our time in unnecessary activities and we should compete with time to complete the tasks and progress.

    always confident

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