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    Words : our admirers and also disapprovers

    What we speak plays a vital role in our lives. We might not think of everything that we speak, but a single word uttered has a great impact on others as well as on yourself. Words define our attitude, our behavior; it defines us as human beings. Our words create our values. Words are the resource of our admiration and on the other hand, they can also be uttered as worse.

    It is said "Think before you speak". This quote defines impact, the significant role our words have on the speaker. We should always think about whatever we are going to speak. Those words should not be terrible or bad. Words also empower us, they delight us in many ways. They motivate us. Words are a great source of power, the power to bring in change. A word of encouragement changes one's thoughts to aspire more. When a speaker speaks, the audience listens to grab the thoughts and views of the speaker, some agree to it while some disagree. Those who agree will absorb the ideas and thoughts of the speaker to create a change and bring an impact in their lives. Our thoughts flow in the form of words and effect differently. These words matter a lot in our lives.

    Our words affect us tremendously, so always carry good thoughts in your minds and also the same in your mouth.
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    Yes I fully agree with the author. Those who have a good talking power by using the best words are always admired and followed. That is the reason being so the elders used to listen the discourses of greats who are capable of talking on any subject and yet give such sermons, even the elders would love to follow at their ripe age. Fortunately in English one can talk in different way and sooth the listeners with their choicest words and using such words which they would have never came across in the past. Those who have oratory skills developed from the childhood are really gifted as they can survive in any part of world, because people would listen when you talk.
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    Words are to be selected and used carefully, as our own words can turn against us. We use words to convey matter, but when we use wrong words, at times, the conversation can end up in a negative direction. We always respect a person who is good when he talks but disrespect is given to that person who often uses bad or wrong words throughout his conversation. We need to decide which of them we want to be. Even if you are good 10 times and just once you used a wrong word, it will have a negative impact on you. Words are very powerful, so think before using it so that you won't end up in trouble. Even when we are joking or pulling legs of our friends, before uttering anything think whether the other person will take it in the same spirit. Or else what you done for fun will end up in a fight. If we are holding a reputed position, say manager, make sure we don't use wrong words to our sub-ordinates. Even at home use words carefully, ours kids, the next generation will capture our words.

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    Always we say we can't take back the time. In the same way, we can't take back our words. The words uttered or uttered. But we can't take them back. Some people may say sorry after using a wrong word. But it will not fully compensate the word you have used. That is why elders always say that be careful with your tongue. The mistakes committed by your tongue will have an effect on your back. Your back has to absorb hittings of others for the foul language used by your tongue. There is no bone in the tongue. You can twist it in any direction you want. That is we should be very careful in using words and we should see that our words will never hurt others. If somebody uses a bad word against you, you will feel it definitely. Same is the case with the others also. Always try to use very polite and gentle words while conveying the matter. You can point out other's mistakes but there is a way for it. Instead of saying point blank that you are wrong, you can say, I feel something wrong in it. Can you have a relook, please? Then the person also will understand your concern and try to rectify his mistake.
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