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    In Karnataka no pillion rule. That means only two wheeler owner should drive. Do you welcome ?

    Citing more number of accidents being occurred having pillion on the back, the Karnataka Government has come up with new rule that only owner of two wheeler shall ride and no pillion allowed. In fact the government wants the design of the scooters and motor cycles be changed in such a way that only owner can sit and no one else. Do you welcome such a step ? In a house how the wife, children would reach the destination without the help of pillion riding. Is that mean every one should own a vehicle ? Comment on this.
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    Mr Mohan, please be specific while raising such threads based on news reports.
    The new order by the Government of Karnataka, which is on the basis of an High Court order, says that no pillion seat will be attached to a motorcycle with less than 100 cc engine. Hope you got the difference the exclusion you have made could make.

    The High Court order and the subsequent government order must be based on some statistics and so we cannot actually comment on it without knowing full facts. It may also be noted that since majority of bikes running on the Indian roads are 100 cc or above, the order will not have a large impact as is being projected in the thread.

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    Living in Karnataka, many like me have got used to intermittent rules like this, helmet, no helmet, one ways, 'U' turn and unnecessary flyovers. We are currently following helmet rule for both rider and the person seated behind which makes sense.

    As far as I could gather,
    The HC has directed the government based on a recent case, this is under consideration but not enforced,if it comes it would apply to less than 100 cc and no new alterations to add seats in the back would be permitted. If the vehicle is less than 100 cc and there is a pillion rider with an helmet sitting, logic would mean that they cannot go as fast as the motorbikes on which youngsters zoom past you.

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    In Karnataka, the rule is both the travellers on the bike should have helmets. It is very much meaningful. There is no meaning in asking the only driver to wear a helmet. It is not logical as the chances of head injury are there for both the travellers. It is wise to introduce this rule in other states also.
    When I read Mohan's post I thought it is meaningless to ask only one person on the bike. But once I saw the other clarifications, I feel it is not going to have such a big impact as the percentage of vehicles with less than 100 CC is very less. But making helmet compulsory for both is a very good method.

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    Here I am not referring about what cc or not. The order itself whether it is welcome or not.
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    In Karnataka, the extant rule isthat both the travellers on the bike should have helmets. Furthermore, three persons can't travel in a two-wheeler. Pillion-riding can't be banned.
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    If the CC is less than 100, what about the poor people who use their cycle to carry their family members? The government/HC should think twice before making such rules It will severely affect the middle and poor class .
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    Generally speaking,the pillion riding cannot be banned as it helps many in emergency situations .

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    #612869, this advice was based on hearing a case wherein a young life was lost in 2009. The new bikes less than 100c.c will be designed to have a single seat only. The old less than 100cc are still allowed. The common outcome would be most people will break the rule as numerous employees ferry their colleagues or spouses, parents ferry their children to school, college students share rides, the sales of these vehicles will come down and there may be an increase in use of other means of transport

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