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    Please Check Food Wastage for Our Future.

    Recently, I had been to a Diwali Party. I saw people taking all the recipes on the menu in their plates irrespective of whether they like it or not. I saw that many of them left lot of food in the plates in the name of taste or other reasons. The plates were thrown in bins along with the leftover food. Since I have been told from the very childhood that nothing should be left in the plate and no more food should be taken while eating. Normally, I saw this principle is violated in buffet parties during festivals and marriages. I saw more wastage of food in hotels than in road side eateries and Dhabas. I did not see much wastage of food in Langers and in Mandirs where limited food is served as per the taste and hunger.

    One statistics shows that Indians waste as much food as the whole of United Kingdom consumes in a year. The country wastes around 50 thousand crores rupees of food every year. On the other hand, I read about hunger deaths and malnutrition cases in our country.

    I think if we stop or at least minimise the food wastage, we can feed our hungry and undernourished population. I want to share some tips of saving food in our households.
    1. Do not leave food behind in the plate.
    2. Do not cook excess of food.
    3. Do not purchase perishable food stuffs in excess quantity.
    4. In case you have some excess food, you may keep it in such a way that it can be reused in the next meal.

    I request the forum members to resolve (Diwali Resolution) to minimise food wastage and guide others for our future and hunger free India. Please opine.
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    Wasting food is not a good idea, however at times we see people around us who waste their food and we will have to stand helpless. We need to understand that we cannot change everyone, but if we can at least make a change by not wasting the food ourselves it will be a great move. Like the author said, especially when there is buffet, chances of wasting food is more. It might not be a purposeful wastage at times, by seeing the food item, we feel like having it as it might be appealing but when we taste it, we come to know that it is not good, then how can we eat it in full. Just because food should not be wasted, we can't eat everything; it might affect our health. Even when we go to a restaurant and we order food, we might not know the taste of different dishes, but thinking it is nice, we will order. If it turns out to be not tasty, we will leave it their itself, without thinking our money is being wasted. Here we give importance to our taste and health. Here I feel the restaurant authorities are to be blamed for making tasteless food and not the people who waste it. Some people just for the sake of it take lot of food in their plate thinking that they can finish it but will end up wasting it. That is wastage. One should have an idea of how much they can eat. If they have a doubt, take little and if you need you can take more later. At home also people buy excess perishable goods and will end up decaying, also some people cook more and end up wasting it. If we try to control these areas, we can make a change. I am definitely against food wastage and I make sure I waste no food or minimal food at home.
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    This happens at parites, weddings and naming ceremonies. I think we have to blame ourselves to an extent. The hosts often take it as a pride and a chance to show of their wealth by arranging a lavish spread, dosa counter, sweets counter, chat counter, ice cream counter, hot jelebi counter and pan counter. Why do we need so many varieties for one function. On the other hand some of guests take it as an insult if the food spread is not that good.
    Many of the adults hardly see what the children are eating. Kids being kids often take many things out of enthusiasm and leave behind most of it.Recently, there is a trend to hire the 'elite caterers who keep inventing new dishes, wrapped spoons, plates etc to keep the bills going.

    A similar trend continues at conferences and seminars. Whne we come to exchange knowledge, learn new things, why to do need a lavish breakfast or lunch where in most gets left behind on the plates and the delegates go to sleep. In restruants also wastage of food goes on.

    I don't think we need awareness, What we need is a good dose of common sense and respect for food that's wasted in such a large scale. Many a times the fear of food being insufficient at gatherings make people prepare more than what's needed. We need people with maturity both from the hosts and the guests at these parties working towards limiting the number of dishes and to gently talking to guests and start the reducing the size of the servings, they can always send the catering staff to serve anyone who needs an extra helping, instead of making them come back to the counter.

    By all means the families can contribute the remaining budget to a needy orphanage or a temple for anadham in the name of the couple or the child or the family as a whole. This would avoid wastage of precious food and give a chance for the poor also to have a meal.

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    From early days of my life, my parents taught me that we should not leave any eatables in the plate in which we are eating. It has become a habit to me. When I go to a function outside, I will be very choosy and I will take small quantities of selected food and I consume that and nothing will be left in the plate. All my family members follow this. In our country, many people are going without food for many days. So if we see that no food is wasted here the other people will get food for them. These days some awareness has come to the people and trying to offer the excess food in the house to beggars or servant maids so that they will have food. If everybody stops wasting food there will not be any dearth of food for the popuation.
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    An excellent thought provoking thread from the author. I really appreciate the way he has presented the problem of waste food in our country.

    I can only say that since our childhood we have been brought out in such a pathetic atmosphere of etiquette and concerns for our fellow humans that we do not see food wastage as anything of serious concern. For most of us it is a fun. Tasting all the dishes is our delight whether our health permits or not. Even the people from upper strata of society take food in the parties in such a surprising way that you might think that they are hungry for quite some time.

    Very few people are serious for avoiding food wastage whether it is in house or parties. They keep all the food remaining after supper in closed containers in fridge and use it for the next time. Every gram of food is worth preserving. It can be given to the orphanage or shelter house.

    Remember what we eat in big places is not all fresh. Some of the items are kept in storage and being heated and served to us and we eat them with pride then why we can not eat the left overs in our house after keeping them properly in fridge.

    A complete change in our attitude is required for this campaign which the author has started through this thread.

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    This is a eye opener thread for those who have the habit of tasting all the food but wont eat them in full and waste them. I have seen in many marriages where buffet system was in progress, people would throng the dishes place and select whole lots of items on the single plate and when they start eating , then taste some and leave many to the waste bin. I have advised many people not to waste food and they can eat what ever they want and as many time as they can but never waste the food. But that kind of advise goes to the dumb ears and those who are habitual discard doers, they shall waste the food anyway.
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