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    Do we pursue our dreams or be practical and comprise with what we have in hand?

    As we grow up, many of us have dreams and ambitions of becoming a honest IPS officer, a skilled doctor, a famous singer or a top class lawyer. But as life moves along, the path to these dreams get longer and along comes responsibility of family, sibling's wedding, retired parents and addition of our own children.

    For many reasons some of us compromise and take up a job to earn a living to support our families. Slowly our dreams remain nostalgic memories and we accept the compromise. This would be more often seen in women who get married and find it difficult to pursue their careers.

    How far do we pursue our dreams and ambitions related to our careers and how do we strike a balance.
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    I am doing the job that I like and learned (Finance) but I wanted to work in another industry but the same job. I was working in that industry earlier, but I tried for another job due to commitments and was forced to choose the one which offered the best pay, even though I had no idea about the new industry. Now I am working in this industry for 3 years and it is not that I do not like this industry but would like to work in another industry where I was working before. Why I am not looking for a change is the salary I am getting here cannot be compared with the salary I used to get or I will get from the other. Family comes first, then my dreams at times so I am stuck here for the time being.

    I know some people who actually wanted to learn more and become something else in life, but due to their family issues and need for money, they had to stop studying and have ended up in something they didn't want to be. There are people who start working from an early age so as to find a living, they are not actually cherishing their dreams but working to satisfy the hunger and needs of their family.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    I realised my dream of education. During my childhood, I used to think of attaining the highest academic degree. As per my desire, I planned my subjects, my parents and grandparents cooperated with me and encouraged me. In my 25th year, i received my PhD in Chemistry from Andhra University.
    I realised my dream of my career. I have a passion to become a COO of a manufacturing company. I started my career as a Chief Chemist and I have become COO of a manufacturing company in my 50th year. I continued in the same position until 2016 end. Now I joined in another company as a technology specialist. That is how I achieved my dream career.
    I am thankful to my parents and grandparents for the support they have extended. I always feel that God is good to me.
    But I know that there are some people who have to sacrifice their dreams for the sake of family and other issues. But they will have the satisfaction of bringing up others by their sacrifice.

    always confident

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    612819: nice real life example for the thread, we are groomed for something, we desire something else and life offers us something else. But we still continue on with a compromise which is often the real truth with most of us.
    612825: glad that your dream turned true, we said, yes if we compromise for the good of others, then it's worth it.

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