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    No Future, only past.

    Anyone of us the moment we are out of our mother, we will not have any past known to us. Only future.
    As we grow from stage to stage in our life we will have both past and future. We will be always planning for our future and act accordingly so that we will have a better future. We choose our education; we choose our profession we work for achieving our goals and targets. We learn from our past mistakes and we will get educated for our future. We will have a busy life. We will get married, we will become a parent and we will try to shape our kids as per their liking and wishes but in a correct path. So this part of life is very challenging. We all try to put in our maximum efforts and try to get best out of it. In this period we analyse our past and plan our future basing on our past experience.
    Once the time passes we will attain our old age. Here onwards we don't have any future except for waiting for HIS call and remembering memories of past. At this age instead of wasting our time in unnecessary issues, we can make use of time by putting our achievements, success stories, failure stories, and other memories in writing so that it will be useful to the future generations. Similarly, we can make the best use of this time by spending our time with next after next generation children by telling them our past as stories which preach them the ethics, good habits, helping nature, the importance of society and how to be a good social person. I feel by doing this we are trying to make the next two generations more responsible citizens of the society. In this age, we don't have any future only past.
    Do you agree, Members?
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    It seems Rao Sir is getting sentimental at this point in time. It is always nice to receive knowledge from the seniors and elders. What we learn throughout our lives, the same we teach to our children and the same they will transfer to their future generations. Teachings matter a lot. We are taught manners, traditions, which may or may not the upcoming younger generations will follow, but yes our elders will always have a lot to teach to the little ones.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Nicely captured the truth of life Dr.Rao, when we are young we dream so much about the future and when we are old we look back at our past. The dreams of future would include ambitions, aspirations and desires, but the past reflects acheivements, valuable lessons, knowledge and wisdom. So, instead of ruminating about the past, why not pass it on to the next generation, the good things, the unique lessons that no school can teach, like the wisdom a wise guru can pass on to the young student. Writing down or spend time with grandchildren and other's around whenever possible would be great.

    One more good idea for coping up with empty nest syndrome and post-retirement life.

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    The journey of life from birth to death and the challenges in between has been dealt with citing past and future references. After coming out of mother's womb, the child gets in to challenge mode from the day one. He has to vigil, he has to be kept fed, he has to sleep and after some months he has to bend left or right, crawl and then stand and then walk. All these are challenging phase while in infant stage. Once he becomes a little boy the school burden, the studies, quarrel with the friends, quarrel inside the home, all takes place and that is a challenge. During teen age, having love affairs , dealing with opposite sex would be another big problem. And after marriage the real challenge starts about looking after the wife and rearing the children. In this melee who is having the time to look after the past. He is only concerned about the future. Once the task is completed in life, one shall look for a peaceful death without bothering anyone.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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