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    Query regarding calculation of points

    Basically, till today, my total points should be 295. But it is showing 289! The most peculiar thing is that, last day my total point was 292. Today, it has changed to 289 instead of 295. However, the problem regarding the cash credit has been removed. Thanks to you all for your help.
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    Have you answered any Ask expert answer? If so, initially points will be rewarded based on the length of your post and later when the editors check and approve, they will put points based on the quality of the post. There are chances that the points might come down or even it can be more than what you initially got.
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    Many times it happens for those who contribute in the Ask experts section. Similarly, if you are writing article reviews, this type of problem will come. As soon as you submit your review you will be allotted some points basing on the length of your post. But later on, this will be reviewed by the editors and your points may get reduced. In such case, you have the chance of total points getting reduced. You verify these issues and then see.
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    In case of Articles responses and Ask Expert answers, points are given by default immediately after submission. Later, after review of the response and the answer, the points can be reduced and generally get reduced.
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