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    Next e-book contest - some ideas

    For the next e-book contest, I got a germ of an idea from the suggestion made by Natarajan to provide a plot & from the feedback given by Reena in this thread, that the essence of the story got lost.

    What I was thinking was that I will give each participant some aspect that they need to introduce into the story in the chapter they write. Thus, for example, I will instruct like this:
    'Neelam - introduce an animal character'
    'Partha - mention a purple colour object'
    ... and so on.

    That would test your creative skills even more!

    Further, I will let the participants write the chapters as per the order in which they register for the contest, without me assigning a particular chapter to a particular member. I will then give in lots of three or four the instructions of what aspect to introduce. I will keep a rule of submitting a chapter within 24 hours of submitting the previous chapter. I may wait for a chapter to be submitted to give an appropriate instruction in order to develop the plot. So, in case I have not yet assigned what aspect you have to introduce in your chapter, then you will submit within 24 hours of my giving the instruction.

    Since now you have an inkling about how to go about contributing to the e-book, I won't be writing the first and last chapters. At any time during the contest, though, I will introduce wild card entries (not more than two), with a non-registered member (this could be an editor also) being requested to submit a chapter. This participant will be eligible for the main cash awards and also a bonus of 5 points in addition to whatever points he/she gets as a participant.

    How about it? All the elements above which I have suggested will be more fun, I think, and we will also have some kind of unique plot. I have already thought of a title for the e-book, too, so if you all are interested, I will announce it next month.

    Any further ideas from anyone which are feasible?
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    Happy to see the introduction of a new method to write a chapter for the e-book. Though I was disappointed with the last Diwali e-book contest result and decided not to participate, I may now participate in your new e-book. And I expect fair judgment. I was not happy with you for allotting Juana the last concluding chapter 14 as she was the first member to show her willingness to participate. I do not know what made you to put her at the end. Was it her high English standard and others low standard? Or of any personal connection, love and affection. No one knows. Now you will rightly follow the order of their registration. I welcome and wait for your new e-book contest announcement. All the best. .
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    I feel this proposal of giving your own aspect to each participant which they have to follow. Good idea, By doing this you will have control on the proceedings of the competition. However I feel it is better if you give the chapter to the authors as per your choice like what you have done in the previous contest. The concept of wild card entry is also good. Again I prefer you to write the first chapter as it will set the tempo of the book. These are my views.
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    Glad and excited to hear about the new e-book. Happy that you will have some control over the plot and the essence or moral of the story. I would agree with Dr.Rao, please pen down the first chapter so that the trend and tempo are set.
    Please welcome new entrants (apart from the Diwali book) also, to encourage them to contribute too. Among the list, if the new entrants are less or drop off, then others like me can get a chance.

    I would suggest, In the exceptional situation, if the story has deviated a lot or sidetracked too much, ( often by the 4ht or 5th chapter) you can guide the next couple of contributors to bring it back to the mainstream. This would the life of the last few authors easy.

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    The last e-book had many loose ends and was not compact. All the participating Members were responsible for its drawbacks. I hope that the next e-book would be much more exciting with the new/modified regulations. There is no doubt that our ME has been trying her best to make the contest more interesting and the end-result (i.e., e-book) more exciting.
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    I am happy to see this thread as I enjoyed the last E-book writing contest. The feature of giving instructions about the plot of chapter and characters is good as it will reduce the randomness of story.
    As per my views, the taste of story should not be pre defined like whether it's a thrilling story or a love story, a joy full one or any other. This will allow the participants to think in all directions to write a better chapter and with this feature; we can also have multiple ends of same story (as an associated contest, just a random thought shared).


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    With reference to your response #612868. Your statement about the reason for selecting Juana to write the last chapter was in very poor taste and uncalled for. And yes, no one knows, obviously - we don't have mind readers here!!

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    Ma'am, instead of giving the participants an aspect they need to introduce, how would it be if you give the beginning and the end and a central plot of the story (all in one or two lines) to be developed so that the participants know the route they need to follow to reach the destination. This will avoid the connecting stories from treading too far away from the main thread and will keep the main plot intact but at the same time will not restrict the creativity of the participants.
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    It will be nice if each participant is assigned a title too. Suppose 20 chapters have to be written in the e-book then I request Mam to name those 20 chapters by giving nice titles to them, just before the contest starts. Strictly the participant has to revolve the whole story around the title and introduce the 3-4 instructions given. Each participant will have enough time to build their story as they will be having a rough idea about what they have to write. Later 3-4 instructions can be very well introduced in the form of twists and turns.

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    Some of the above responses suggest making the contest more and more complicated. From my previous experience I feel that making the contest more complicated won't serve the purpose. Weak writers with limited ability of expression (like myself) will not be able to compete with more capable writers. Furthermore, the story will lose coherence if more and more conditions are brought into picture.
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    Even I agree that too many conditions can restrict or limit the thought process. If not the whole the chapter may be a few lines can be given so that the next author can develop the story based on that and follow the rest of the rules.

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    What Partha said makes sense - why make it more complicated?! I think I'll do away with the part of introducing an aspect and we will not have any chapter titles.

    Will giving a general plot idea help? Will it hamper the natural development of the plot & thereby hamper the creativity of the participants?

    I would like to keep the wild card entry, though, as a fun element.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    A general plot idea would make this easier and would certainly keep the story closer to what we all would like, the story will certainly develop and candidates can still be creative keep the general plot in mind.

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    Please refer my response at #612963.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Please give the outline of the story and ask the members to develop the story on that line.
    For e.g. (A 12 chapter story)
    Love - Marriage - MIL & DIL - Break in relationship - Court case - Divorce - Councelling - Reunion - Children - Retirement - Old age home - Death.

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    Based on your suggestion itself I wanted feedback from members if they would prefer a general outline of the plot to be given.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    If general outline is given then the whole story will get revealed. It may not be of any interest anymore.

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    If suspense is expected, the story will go haywire and will run like a mega serial in a Television. It is to know the creative ability of a member and award prizes. We are not writing story books for sale, but entertainment at ISC. Hence, an outline of the story is a must to keep the story on the right track.

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