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    How feasible is it to give free education to the students of India?

    Is it possible to provide free education to the students, considering the vastness and population of our country it looks like a distant dream with many challenges.

    However, if it becomes a reality I believe that we can eradicate the differences in the quality of education. We will be able to bring forth a generation of educated young men and women who can take our country to the next level. We will have renewed educated young workforce in huge numbers. Many job opportunities will be created.

    Private schools demand fees in huge amounts, while they pay their teachers very less. Whereas in government school the pay is good for teachers but there are only handful of dedicated teachers available who strive for quality education.

    If a very good scheme is tailored then I am sure that both the students and teachers will be benefitted.
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    If the government is serious and the parents are equally concerned about their children education, a right chord can be connected and through each government schools formidable primary and higher education can be imparted for free. For this the government can take the help of Kendriya Vidyalaya teachers to act as the advisers for the state school teachers to improve the education in government schools. If that is done, then people from rich class and poor class shall take interest to join their children in the government school. Otherwise all big schemes for total education to all will be unfulfilled.
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    There are at least two countries that I know of which provides free education for the students. Hence, I thought of why not in India as well.

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    India is a highly populated country and seeing the vast number of students it does not look feasible to give them a free education on Govt account. The proposition will ask for a huge budget as everything from school building to the teachers will have to be managed by Govt accounts. The Govt might not be able to fund such large expenditures from its budget.
    One solution which comes to the mind is if Govt increases the income tax rate on high income people and also increases GST on luxury items then probably the additional funds generated might be used for such purposes.
    Today there is a great difference in the salaries and facilities of Govt employees as compared to the private sector or unorganized sector and to bring parity if the salaries and facilities of Govt sector is reduced drastically then probably the funds might be used for such a noble step as mentioned by the author in his thread.

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    The present day expenditure on primary and secondary school teaching is very high. The government is meeting that. The amount they are collecting from students is very less. So in my opinion it will not be very difficult for the government to provide free education up to SSC. But what Government has to do is private school till SSC should be banned. From intermediate onwards free education can be stopped. But for meritorious students basing on their financial position scholarships can be introduced. Even loan scholarships can also be given. The student once he gets a job he will repay the money to government without any interest. Government has to increase work load on University teaching staff and more schools can be opened by the government. By implementing these systems, Government can ensure equal facilities to all upto SSC. If we see the quality of research going on in the universities, it is not very encouraging. So by increasing teaching load on teachers there,the number of posts can be reduced. With that savings the new school teacher’s salaries can be given. Basing this as the guide lines we can work out the details. If Government is very serious there are many ways for giving free education to all up to SSC.
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    The present national budget (17-18) has allocated Rs.80,000 crores for education (46,000 crores for school and 34,000 crores for higher education). If one looks at some of the scams ( commonwealth games -Rs70,000 crores, Saradha scam Rs 40,000 crores, coal blocks 1,85,591 crores). So, if the political parties and the Government machinery gets it's act together and the education ministry takes it on a war footing, it would be within the reach of India to give children free education at least at the primary level.

    It would be a doable job if the Government contributes and people work together but it's the quality and the infrastructure that would be a logistical nightmare. What we need is strengthening of existing schools, upgrading basic infrastructure, recruiting teachers and teaching volunteers(retired teachers and learned senior citizens) to help teachers and improve the work standards for the teachers and lastly pledge that at least the education department be corruption free and transparent.

    Last year's estimate of the Indian education market to be around 100 billion dollars and by 2020, it's estimated to be around 180 million dollars and the private sector is growing at a rapid pace as it's taken as a business venture.
    So, there is the potential pool of private schools who would be spending huge amounts of funds for various permits and clearance. Make them contribute a small percentage of their earnings as education cess and then use it to fund the public schools. Make private sector also have a corporate social responsibility of contributing to the government plans.

    Lot's of maybes, In a country like ours wherein some scams, are more than the country's education budget, it would be a sad state of affairs if we cannot give at least the basic primary school education to all.

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