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    Please help me i have a problem regarding approval of jobs

    Yesterday i have posted 11 jobs. But till now they are not approved or deleted or in pending stage. May i know the reason please?
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    Revanth I do appreciate your interest to post jobs for this site and good to note from you that you have posted 11 of them on single day. But our job section is highly moderated and every posting is verified minutely and then passed. Normally there are experts in that section who shall hoist new jobs daily. If you have made the same submission again, then that wont be passed. So our editors takes time to verify and re verity, so that no one else contributed the same job and then pass. It will take some more days and meanwhile participate in this forum and write articles in that section.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Ok Thankyou sir

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    All the job posts would be attended as per the order of posting. Also, I find some of your posts are liable for rejection, being duplicate posts (as the same have already been posted by other members) and I suggest you to check before posting so that your efforts don't go in vain.


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    I got temporary restriction on posting of jobs. While posting jobs, i search in the dialogue box there i found no jobs were posted by that name. So i continued updating, if jobs were approved in delay then if two persons posted the same job, then how it will get displayed in the search box .

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    Temporary restriction happens when a member's rejected job posts reaches 5 in last 5 days.

    Few of your job posts were already made by other members some days back hence it is not a coincidence that both the members made the identical job posts on same day at same duration of time.

    The temporary restriction clause is introduced to avoid duplicate job posts, you need to check thoroughly before making a job post.

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    OK Sir, i will cross check twice before posting a job. I want to know by how many days this restriction will last?

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